May 25, 2012

701st Blog Post & a FOW Pictorial Battle Report

Somewhat surprised to see that this is my 701st post on this blog - I must really procrastinate a lot!!  Had a good game of Doubles FOW last night our DAK Panzers/Eastern Front Grenadiers up against another Soviet Tank horde playing No Retreat. 

The Battlefield from our side with everything deployed forward except for those Platoons in reserve, and the PzIIIM's in ambush.  In hindsight I should have kept the PzIVF2s back in the small forest just in front of the river. 
PzIVF2's and 2IC PzIIIM waiting behind the Village hedgerows for the Soviet armour
Somehow my small Platoon of 3 x PzIV's just doesnt seem big enough when faced with that many T34's
All square so far - one T34 destroyed for the loss of 1 PzIIIM, if only our Air could kill something
More T34s moving through the Village, with the Su152s behind
PzIIIM's pop out in Ambush and make an immediate impact
4 more brewed up T34's and a couple more bailed out as the Panzers start to take a toll

Meanwhile on the other flank the other T34 horde is busy flanking us making it increasingly hard for the Panzers to protect their side/rear armour.
Things are getting confusing now - the T34s on the left have been stopped which is good as we have to shift the Panzers right to deal with other T34s.  Our air and artillery continues to do little damage, but the infantry guns bail out a few T34s.

The PzIIIM's miss with all 9 shots and then get wiped out by the T34's things are not looking good.
The PzIV's reduced the T34s on our left flank to a single Tank
But they cant do anything about the other 10 T34s coming in on our right
Crap we're surrounded and running out of options

Trying to be crafty by sneaking the 8-Rads up to side shot the T34 would work if their side armour wasnt 5?!?
Last gasp the PzIVs try to take out the Su152s to force a morale check on one of the Tankovy companies and force victory.

Game ends and we concede victory to the Soviets whose superior remaining numbers would have eventually swamped us.  Once again we deployed too far forward and didnt integrate our forces well.  But the lists works.


Tane said...

Are those buildings the Battlefield in a Box farm/peasant houses? If so, how would they work on a Warhammer Fantasy table in terms of scale?

I'm looking at getting some buildings for home, and those might fit the bill, provided the scale isn't out.

By the way, sad to see the Soviet hordes win out in the end.

John Murrie said...

Yes they're all BF in a Box terrain including the forests and the roads.

The forests are perfect for WHFB. The buildings would be too small. Scale wise the smaller ones in the pictures hold two bases of 15mm infantry. Thats 50mm x 32mm or 1.6" x 1"

Height wise they are approx 30mm tall inside so you'd struggle to fit a 28mm figure on a base in there, even Dwarfs would be too big.

However, as stand alone bits of scenery they work pretty well

Anonymous said...

Nice battle report. The terrain looks great. It looked pretty daunting staring down a tankovy with a handful of tanks.