May 13, 2012

Achtung Panzer Kommt!!! DAK Army taking shape

Finished my 2nd PzIII Platoon last night this time 4 x PzIIIM's rather than the J Lates.  The only difference between them is that the IIIM's have FA6 and can take Schurzen that and 15pts.  But that extra point of FA is gold.

Same painting process as for the PzIIIJ Platoon:
- Undercoat GW Chaos Black (Spray)
- Basecoat Tamiya Dark Yellow (Spray - two coats as its not as good as the GW stuff)
- Brush Tamiya Desert Yellow
- GW Ogyrn Flesh Wash (but not everywhere)
- GW Codex Grey
- GW Badab Black Wash

But then I made one change and painted the wheels on the tracks Black before drybrushing them with Tamiya Desert Yellow.  The difference is shown in the pic below black based wheels on left, non-black on the right.  It makes them stand out a lot more.

Black based wheels on left / No black on the right
Also decided to try to paint a North African colour scheme on the 4th Platoon of Fallschirmjager that have been lying around waiting to be finished.  I'll need at least one Infantry Platoon in any Mid-War Panzer Company and FJ can proxy in for anything.  Colours aren't really right, the tunic needs to be more green but I could only use the colours I had.  Good tutorial on the FOW site which ill consult to do the rest.
Putting them with the just finished PzIIIM's the scheme works OK as does the basing, but its a bit to dark and bright yellow for my taste and needs some rocks to help it stand out.
Next in the pipeline is a Platoon of 3 x PzIVF2's - although I only have two assembled as a piece was missing from one blister.  Unlike the PzIII's which are from Forged in Battle, the PzIV's are from Battlefront.
After the PzIV's is a couple of Battlefront 8-Rad Recon Vehicles and then 3 x Forged in Battle Panthers.
I didnt like the Panthers after first getting them, but after base coating them they aren't too bad.  Paint scheme for these guys will be the same as my LW PzIV's from the Plastic Soldier Company.

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