May 2, 2012

Black Library & Forged in Battle Panzers Reviews

I've been struggling to find something worth reading lately and decided to give the Black Library another look and in particular the works of Gav Thorpe whose Dwarf book Grudge Bearer was the first WHFB novel I ever read.  So I looked at his works and decided to start with the Sundering Series about the High Elves and the first book in the series Malekith recieving it in the post a couple of days ago.

I have to say its pretty damn good - Gav Thorpes writing as always is crisp and well paced, and while High Elf players should be familiar with the story of Malekith the book is a treasure trove of additional bits of lore and history for any WHFB fan.  The thing I enjoyed most about Grudge Bearer was its detailed descriptions of Dwarven life, lore and warfare, it made a big difference to how I looked at my Dwarf army.  The same goes for Malekith - even though I'm only halfway through it - so far all of the little bits of fluff, history and extra detailing about the why's, what's and how's of the WHFB world just take the game that little bit further.

I also ordered Horus Rising which is of course a 40k novel rather than WHFB, but if the game of 40k doesn't interest me the fluff certainly does - its simply superb.  Horus Rising is the first book in the Horus Heresy series and if I like it I plan on buying and reading my way through the entire series. 

Also newly arrived this week was my 2nd Platoon of Forged in Battle Panzer III's this time the PzIIIM version with the Schurzen, and a FiB Panther (I had originally ordered 3 but changed the order to a single tank on a bit of hunch). The PzIII's are, like the first batch, pretty good and a reasonable substitute for the Battlefront range.

However, I have to admit that I was disappointed with the Panther. It was sculpted OK, was the right shape and size, but just didn't feel or look right.  You could use it but I could tell right away that It would never really be good enough on the table, the whole thing was just a bit off?!?

Its a pity as for 18 pounds for 3 you are saving a lot compared to Battlefront miniatures which are NZ$94 for a Platoon of 5.  But for these guys I am going to have to buy the Battlefront models as when it comes to the larger tanks Battlefronts detailing and moulding just wins out. The same goes for the PzIVF2's and 8-Rad's I want to add to my North African Panzer Company.

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Black Bard said...

Loving all the Panzers and german machinery. Thank you for the look at the warhammer book, and in return wanted to say that I loved the Horus books, even though, like you, 40k is not a passion but the fluff is great!
cheers, B