May 16, 2012

Couple of interesting FOW links

Doing my usual review of the latest blog/web posts in my Stumpy Reading list and came across to particularly good links this morning. 

The first is from What Would Patton Do (an absolutely fantastic online resource well worth a visit) which explains quite literally "what those red and white poles on artillery do".  If your not sure what I mean check out the pic below- you can just see the red and white pole behind the guy pulling the lanyard.

Great explanation and some fascinating information that I never knew.  Another visit this time to Crac des Chevaliers probably the best painter of FOW stuff I have found online came up with a link to some great WW2 artwork at the following link - example below
Beautiful work - great help from a painting perspective as well.


Simon Switzer said...

What would patton do is a great site. I've been reading his AAR's for some time now, I must remember to click follow.

Panzerdaddy said...

WWPD is really a great blog site and they are going through a "global" campaign right now (Operation Sea Lion).