May 24, 2012

DAK PzIVs & 8-Rads nearly done

Got my PzIV F2's and 8-Rad's painted last night, although one of the PzIV's is missing his gun barrel (still waiting on BF to send it out to me).  Just a bit of highlighting to do on the PzIII's and PzIV's similar to the light lines visible on the 8-Rads and they are all done (oh and repaint the PzIII commanders in Khaki rather than Black).  Next additions will be another AA Half-track, some NW41's and possibly a couple more 8-rads.

And then because its been a while since I posted anything about Dwarfs here's some random pictures of my Dwarf army for you....


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Scott said...

Nice work on the DAK john!