May 18, 2012

First impressions of Ogres

Played 3 games with my Ogres now using pretty much the same list each time, except for the addition of 4 Mournfang in the 2 games I played last night.  Initial thoughts are that they are going to be a lot of fun to play and Im now chomping at the bit to get them all painted up.

Still have to figure out the best tactics but I learned a fair bit from getting thrashed by Pete Dunn at Horned Gobbo and from talking to him.  Getting in multiple charges on single units and ensuring you get the impact hits is vital or the Ogres low WS and base Strength will come back to haunt them.

Still not sold of the magic side of things I seem to be having terrible luck with it, whether High Elf or Ogre, lately maybe its the Dwarf in me objecting.  Also not sold on the whole Glittering Scales/Fencers Blades combo.  But am definately liking the big block of Ironguts.

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