May 21, 2012

FOW North African Panzer Army List

Playing another 2v2 practice game this Thursday in preparation for Panzershrek XI in July.  Sticking with my North African Panzer Company while my playing partner will be bringing Eastern Front Grenadiers.  1100pts each, only one player can bring Air Support, and you can swap upto 200pts between partners - I've borrowed 90pts increasing my available total to 1190.

Latest variation is...

2 x PzIIIM (Schurzen) - 240pts
3 x PzIIIM - 345pts
3 x PzIVF2 - 435pts
2 x 8 Rad - 85pts
2 x Sd Kfz 10/5 (Armoured) - 85pts

TOTAL 1,190

Still concerned about the small size of the Recon and AA Platoons which would be easy to kill therefore bringing me close to breaking point relatively quickly.  Other options include:
  1. Dropping the AA and adding a 2nd 8-rad Patrol takes points to 1,180 and Platoons to 3
  2. Dropping the PzIIIM Platoon to PzIIIJ (Lates), adding a 3rd AA Half-track and giving them armour (from Militere Eastern Front list)
  3. Dropping AA and Recon then changing 1st Platoon to 4 x PzIIIJ (Lates), and adding another PzIIIJ (Late) to the 2nd Platoon.  2 more tanks but with 1 less FA and no other support.
We'll see how it goes on Thursday and Ill get some advice from my club mates then.  Painting wise I undercoated my Battlefront PzIVF2s and 8-rads last night and have started repainting a FJ Platoon in desert coloured uniforms.  Should all be done by Panzershrek in July.

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lap1964 said...

Hi John you might want to drop the Schurzen,as they can now be Gun Tanked.Also you might want to check the AA plt,as there isn't an option for " Armoured " in NA (P.41,79)