May 11, 2012

FOW or WHFB for next Wellington tournament?

Theres a few more tournaments coming up this year that I plan on attending the next is Panzershrek XI a Mid-War FOW doubles event on the 7th/8th July, and (if its run this year) FRACAS a 1-day 600pt Mid-War FOW event in mid-August.  In later October early November there should also (hopefully) be Skitterleap - another of Pete Dunn's events, and Winterfest run by the Hutt Valley Club around the same time.

The big tournament of the end of year season, in my region anyway, is Call to Arms 2012 the Wellington Warlords annual national event over 18th/19th August.  I've attended the last 2 of these great events both times with Dwarfs and always enjoyed myself.   

This year I am seriously considering playing Flames of War rather than WHFB at Call to Arms.  Its a Late War event so my Fallschirmjager will struggle against the horde of heavy Soviet tanks but I think it would be fun to do. I'm really enjoying FOW at the moment painting and playing and WHFB is kind of losing its appeal a bit. Although I did play my first game with Ogres last night and had a lot of fun with them.

The other reason WHFB at Call to Arms is unattractive are the comp rules and the ability to include Special Characters.  There are restrictions in that no single unit/model can cost more than 450pts but this rule isn't one I like.  Personally I've always found special characters to be rather pointless and have never bothered playing them, as a club rule they are not used in our local games.  Special characters are one area in which the army books are massively out of sync and where some armies benefit more than others.  High Elves are OK they have Korhil and Cadharyn who would fit into my Phoenix Guard/White Lion based lists (Teclis is banned) - but Dwarf special characters suck.

Have some thinking to do as registration and places are fast approaching their deadlines and I need to get family life sorted for any trip down.  But I think that FOW might be a goer.

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Simon Switzer said...

Here's my advice. Bring your Dwarfs or Elves, or even your Ogres, mind you if you have 2400pts of them to Call to Arms and then have a think about how much you enjoyed it and if you would rather play FoW more then FB

But when the new book comes out for Dwarfs, then the enthusiasm will spark up again... trust me ;D