May 4, 2012

High Elf tactics for Horned Rat V this weekend

Done some thinking and I have carefully, with much consideration of the vast quantity of tactical advice available on the net, distilled the available strategies and tactics for High Elves against every other WHFB race into three foolproof plans that I will use to achieve victory this weekend.

  • Plan 1 - Deploy in the middle and go straight up the middle.
  • Plan 2 - Deploy bottom right and go straight up the middle
  • Plan 3 - Deploy bottom left and go straight up the middle

Daring I know and a big departure from my Dwarf tactics which are Deploy in a corner, shoot, stand still, shoot some more, take the charge, throw dice, dance a jig, shout whoopee, bang head on table, pick up sole surviving model, shake opponents hand, eat something, move to next game, repeat....


Squeek Vermintide said...

The fact that you have THREE foolproof plans is surely a testament to a High Elf victory!
Can't wait to hear how it goes - good luck!

Darth Weasel said...

or you could try "win shooting, magic and cc portions of game, win"...nah, too radical :-)