May 8, 2012

Horned Rat V - WHFB Tournament Report Part 2

Part 1 also updated with pictures

Game 4 vs. Orcs n Goblins (Nicholas Jebson)
Blood & Glory
First Turn – Yes
Result 8-12

This was the most enjoyable game of the tournament against a very likeable guy and a battle in which we threw a huge amount of dice and were going at it hammer and tongs for 6 turns with the game in the balance the entire time.

My magic worked extremely well in the first couple of turns enfeebling and withering his units which kept him from moving them forward. Goblin Warmachines proved ineffectual and the Eagles really earned their points killing both Rock Lobbers, a Doom Diver and a Spear Chucker. My only upset in Turns 1 – 2 was the double charge of the Swordmasters at the River Trolls – one unit failed and the 2nd could only kill 2 Trolls before it got brutalised. Somehow though it managed to hang on for another round, which was good because for some reason I had forgotten to target any attacks at the Goblin Shaman who was with the Trolls. Next turn I managed to kill him but then got wiped out by the Trolls.

More magic saw the Shamans enjoy their mushrooms too much and the Orcs remain enfeebled. The White Lions charged the Archer Boys on the hill and in the same turn the Spears charged the Big Uns. My shooting was also doing its job and the next couple of rounds of combat went really well. The Spears rampaged through the Big Uns while somehow the Archers Boys remained steadfast against the White Lions. Chasing down the Big Uns 3 Spears died when they ran through a Mysterious Forest to catch them.

In the next turn the following key events happened. (1) The River Troll remained stupid and stayed that way and couldn’t charge anybody, I kept my other Swordmaster unit in front of them while shooting them. (2) A Wolf Chariot charged the Spears in the flank. The Spears couldn’t kill it and then failed their attempt to reform. (3) The Black Orcs and Orc General charged the rear of the Spears. (4) The White Lions overran the Archer Boys. (5) The remaining Eagle killed off another Warmachine and positioned itself to charge the Goblin BSB who was running around solo.

Next turn, Turn 4: (1) The Spears and Black Orcs remain locked in combat and both lose models. The Spears stubbornly hang on. (2) The White Lions reform so they can charge flank of the Black Orcs. (3) The Trolls remain stupid (4) The Goblin BSB charges the Eagle (5) Shooting kills of 2 River Trolls

Turn 5 and the White Lions…. FAIL THEIR CHARGE BY 1” allowing the Black Orcs to wipe out the Spears and kill the Archmage. The Spears flee off the table and the Black Orcs and Chariot follow them giving the White Lions nothing to charge at next turn. The River Trolls remain stupid and the Eagle gets the Goblin BSB down to one wound.

That failed White Lion charge cost me dear – by breaking the Spears with their Banner my army fails its Fortitude and I lose 600 VP. Turn 6 is a non-event and the result flips from a slight win in my favour to a slight win in Nicks.

Game 5 vs. Wood Elves (Josh)
Scenario – Pitched Battle
First Turn – Yes

Lots of Wood Elf shooting – 50+ shots from various sources and lots of T5 trees. I stack up my units on the right flank aiming to end run around the Wood Elf army with the Archers and White Lions acting as a pivot point – the White Lions facing off against the bigger units of Trees and the Tree man. Turn 2 it all goes pear shaped. Josh gets of an IF Dwellers Below on my Spears who have the Archmage and the BSB in them. 21 Spears die along with the Archmage and the BSB. The remainder run away. Wood Elf shooting then kills half of the White Lions.

Still in shock I charge a unit of Swordmasters into some Tree dudes, they die. The White Lions and an Eagle charge the Tree guys and die. The other Swordmasters die when the Trees who killed their mates overrun into them. Turn 3 ends and I have 14 Archers, my Level 2 mage and 18 Spears left. After that it was game over, although the Spears did manage to kill one unit of Tree Guys.



So that was it my worst Tournament result ever, although as a consolation I did pick up Best Sports which was a very nice surprise.

Better luck next time and I think the Dwarfs will have to come out again.

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