May 20, 2012

Ogre Butcher finished & WIP Ogre Bulls

Finished this guy - minus flock/tufts on the base - last night.  I could tidy up some little details on him but to be honest he looks good enough for me.  Actually found that painting Finecast was a pleasant experience it seems to give the paint a naturally dull finish that looks more natural, plastic comes out rather shiny unless you paint it right. 

Started on my first unit of Ogre Bulls as well - Afrika Korp painting has stopped while I sort out the materials I need to put decals on properly (i.e. without the shiny after result). Painting process so far has been:

- Tanned Flesh basecoat
- Flesh Wash

- Dark Green
- Snot Green
- Codex Grey

- Boltgun Metal
- Badab Black Wash

Basically every unit will get different coloured pants so you can tell them all apart.  Not going with the multiple stripe look (alah Obelix) basically its a bit too tricky for me.


Kuffeh said...

Nice work. I like the butcher, all big and bloodied like he should be. The bottoms on the ogres are nice, a nice bold scheme. Will that be for everyone or change based on unit?

John Murrie said...

Thanks mate - pant colours will change for every unit but overall palette will be limited to red/white, blue/white, green/white across each unit.

Basing will be the same mixture of filler putty snow, flower tufts and grass tufts.