May 3, 2012

WHFB Tournament Army Lists released

Army lists for the 30 players (including myself) competing at this Weekends WHFB Tournament Horned Gobbo are out and available for download here

The general theme seems to be to load up on shooting, warmachines and characters with the majority of lists spaming the hell out of one or all three of these options.  Mal Patels 100+ Skink list is a great example, as is Joel V's 50+ Archers Wood Elf army.  Also a lot of double ups including a Skaven list with 2 Doomwheels, a 2 Organ Gun Dwarf List, an Orc n Goblin list with 2 Doomdivers and Petes 3 units of Mournfang Cavalry and double Ironblaster.

Its going to be a tough weekend I think and a lot of games are going to be won or lost on deployment particularly as the majority of armies I am facing will have more units, more magic and a hell of lot more in the way of shooting to throw at me.  Might come down to having to go for the big nasty spells and IF right from Turn 1.

Game 1 will be the big decider this match up is randomly assigned but after that it comes down to results so a win and your into the harder part of the field, a loss and your in the easier part.  Problem is there aren't that many easy lists out there this time around. This is doubly so when your a High Elf player without any Warmachines or anything greater than S6 in your arsenal.

Maybe I should have gone with my Dwarfs?

Composition Rules for the Tournament were

General Restrictions
  •  2400pts
  • No special or named characters
  • Apart from the Winds of Magic dice an army may only add 2 PD to its magic dice pool in each magic phase, this excludes channelling.  Any dice added to the pool regardless of source (generated, stolen, stored from previous phases, generated by spell effect etc) count.  Items that add to the casting are not included (D3 is not a PD so Banner of Sorcery doesnt count).
  • Maximum of 6 PD may be used to cast any spell, this overrides any and all rules in individual army books.
  • Army to have no more than four (4) potential template weapons (excludes spells) but not screaming from Banshees (italics my addition)
  • Army to have no more than four (4) warmachines
  • Max 4 units with the 'fly' special rule.
Race Specific Restrictions

  • Salamanders 0-3 models per army.
  • Higher state of Consciousness and the Crown of Command may not be taken on the same model.
  • Scar Veterans are 0-2 models per army.
Vampire Counts
  • Max 4 units/characters with the ethereal special rule.
  • Max 6 Cairn Wraiths per army.
  • Hell Pit Abomination and Warp Lightning Cannon are 0-1 unit selections per army (so 1 or the other but not both).
  • Gutter Runners are 0-2 units and a maximum of 20 models.
  • Warlock Engineers are 0-3 models per army.
Dark Elves
  • Pendant of Kaleth and the Crown of Command may not be taken of the same model
  • Hydras 0-1 unit selections per army.
  • Shades are 0-20 models per army.
  • Steam tanks are 0-1 models per army and classed as a warmachine with 2 templates.
Warriors of Chaos
  • Hellcannons 0-1 models per army
Daemons of Chaos
  • Flamers of Tzeentch are 0-6 models per army
  • No duplication of Daemonic Gifts or Icons
  • If the Hellheart is taken then a Dispel Scroll may not be taken in the army


Count Vahrsul Oldblood said...

Those are some great lists. Serious diversity. Do you guys play with any comp systems?

I gotta root for the bretonnians!

Will there be a tourney breakdown on the armies presented here with win/loss?

Unknown said...

nice lists.

quick question. don't shields stop mages from being able to cast magic? they count as armor. only chaos armor allows for spell casting.

Unknown said...

nice lists.

don't shields keep magic users from casting spells? they fall under 'armor'. i thought chaos armor was the only armor that allowed for casting...and that new chaos dwarf armor.

John Murrie said...

@ Count - Ill do my best to sum up the results after I come back and starting posting my battle reports etc

@ Unknown - Ogre mages can takes shields due to an oversight in the new book, most other books rules restrict them.

Pete Dunn said...

Oversight? That's not what Jervois said :-)