May 22, 2012

WIP - Ogre Bulls Step by Step photos

Making fast progress on my first unit Ogre Bulls after getting the initial basecoats done a few days ago.

Painting Ogre Skin in 4 easy Stages 
Photos show the four stages I go through to get to my finished look - for some reason I've put these going right to left instead of left to right?!?  The four stages are:
  1. Tanned Flesh + Flesh Wash (Ogre with Club)
  2. Dwarf Flesh (Ogre with Club)
  3. Elf Flesh (Ogre with Sword)
  4. Ogyrn Flesh Wash (The Bellower)


Time wise my painting can take a while, longer than I thought actually, but my process allows me to get through a lot of models reasonably quickly.  When I paint, its in the evenings (after kids are asleep) and usually for only 2-3 hours max.  The 6 models in this unit are the result of two nights worth of painting of about 6 hours so far.  Add in another night to do the basing and finish off some detailing on the faces, weapons and white parts of the pants and they should be done.  So overall, approximately 6-9 hours for a 6 model unit of Ogre Bulls (60-90 minutes per model on average).However, that time isn't all painting as I paint in front of the TV, make regular stops for cups of tea, a feed, chatting to my wife, playing with the baby etc so maybe 45mins per model?  

Basic process is Night 1 paint the base colours over the large areas and apply Flesh Wash, Night 2 adding highlighting layers, and final washes; Night 3-4 detailing and tidying up, and then basing. 

Washing is the tricky bit as you have to let this stuff dry overnight for the best results so whenever I wash an area I also stop painting it.

Close up of the difference Ogryn Flesh Wash makes
Washes are amazing and if you haven't tried them yet you have to get some - if only GW would reissue Flesh Wash.  Photos below highlight what they do.  The first photos are the Ogre Bellower before I applied the Ogyrn Flesh Wash (Old GW name for it), and after he has gone through Stages 1-3 above.

Note he still looks a bit pale and the colours are rather bright, that and the creases in the skin dont stand out very well.
 The same model after a single coat of Ogryn Flesh was has been added.

The nearly completed unit
At least one more night of painting ahead of me to get these guys complete, although that won't be for a few nights due to other committments including *sigh* work.  I also need to get some Grass Flock as I have changed my mind about how I want to base them and will be dispensing with the Snow.
Skin on all of them has been done in the same 4 stage process.  Weapons and armour has also had 3 layers added to it (1) Boltgun Metal, (2) Badab Black and (3) Chainmail.  Green pant sections have had (1) Dark Angels Green, (2) Snot Green, (3) Goblin Green & (4) Scorpion Green.  White/Grey sections have had (1) Codex Grey, (2) Fortress Grey, and (3) Spacewolves grey and will get Skull White added next.  Leather areas have had (1) Scorched Brown then (2) Snakebite Leather.  Wooden Clubs had (1) Scorched Brown and then (2) Graveyard Earth.


Squeek Vermintide said...

Great to see the photos side by side like this. How long (hours) do you think it actually takes to the complete unit of 6 from start to finish?

John Murrie said...

Cheers glad you found them useful. First time I've tried it actually, was painting at night (after kids were asleep) as I usually do so lighting wasn't flash.

Time wise - i've edited the post to describe how long everything took :)

John Murrie said...

Forgot to add that it takes me longer now as I am doing all the layering staff, as well as mixing paints e.g. Green with White to adjust colour tones.

There will prob be more painting with these guys because as bigger models the mistakes arent as easily hidden

Kuffeh said...

He seems a bit blind... ;)

Nice work, the skin looks good John.