June 25, 2012

Ogre Ironguts Completed & FOW Tournament

Haven't been doing much on the gaming front lately but have managed to finish off the first 6 of 10 Ironguts.  Skin tone on them isnt as good as on the Bulls, but its good enough - on review I prefer the Bull models more.  Next up are 4 more Ironguts, another unit of Bulls and then my Ironblaster.


Bulls & Ironguts

Bulls & Ironguts
Also getting ready for my next tournament of 2012, Panzershrek XI in my hometown, a FOW Mid-War doubles event.  After much internal debate I've opted to run an infantry list in tandem with my partners one and have dropped the idea of taking tanks - simply put you cant get enough of them on the table to make a difference, at least not as a German.

Our list for the tournament (submitted today) is going to be:

1st Company Grenadiers (Mine)
CHQ - 1 x PK/SMG, 1 x SMG
Combat Platoon - 1 x PK/SMG, 4 Squads
Combat Platoon - 1 x PK/SMG, 4 Squads
Anti Tank Platoon - 1 x SMG, 3 x Pak 40
Panzer Platoon - 1 x PzIVF2, 3 x PzIIIN

2nd Grenadier Company (Jeremy's)
CHQ - 2 x PK/SMG, Puppen Launcher
Combat Platoon - 1 x PK/SMG, Light Mortar, 3 Squads
Combat Platoon - 1 x PK/SMG, 3 Squads
HMG Platoon - 1 x SMG, 4 x MG42
Artillery Platoon - 3 x NW41
Assault Gun Platoon - 3 x Brumbar

1,155 points for me borrowing 55 from Jeremy who only used 1,045.  No Air Support as frankly it hasnt done anything for us in the numerous practice games we've had and rockets are more reliable.  Brumbars are a late addition for Jeremy but he had fun with them the other night.  Was contemplating taking 7 x Pak 40s which I could have done in a Grenadier list or running FJ; but FJ cost too much and the Panzers give us other options.  Bringing two infantry companies means we will be defending in every game which will be interesting - no AA may cause issues but dug in, GtG Veterans are going to be hard to kill for any air support.  With most scenarios using the reserves rule Jeremy is going to KG his 2IC and a single team from one Platoon into reserve giving him an even number, but not bringing them on.  Overall should be a fun list to play.

Event is weekend after this one 7th/8th July - then after that its Call to Arms in Wellington with my Dwarfs getting another run out (Ogres wont be done in time and Ive had enough of Elves for the moment). 

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lap1964 said...

Have you thought about combat attaching 2 HMGs to each Gen plt ?