July 2, 2012

FOW Battle Report - 2200 doubles Germans vs. US

Been a while since I posted a battle report but I've finally got some time on my hands and had some pictures of my last FOW match to post.  It was my last chance to practice for the FOW Mid-War doubles tournament this weekend, and it was a good match-up 2 Company's of Grenadiers up against a US Armoured & US Mech Inf Company using the Dust Up scenario (which we know will be one of those in use at the tournament).

We were defending, luckily, with our deployment zone top left in this picture reserves coming on bottom left.  US forces deployed bottom right, reserves on top right.
US Armour masses ready to advance down the road network to flank our objectives.
My Grenadiers & PAKs dig in around the central objective with Paks spread out to cover as many avenues of approach as necessary.  In hindsight this was a mistake as it restricted their field of fire and the weight of shot I could put into any target.

US Armour takes the long way around avoiding the PAK guns whose poor positioning is now becoming more obvious

US infantry reinforcements come on and the armour begins to move in advancing down a line covered by a single PAK

Our reinforcements arrive a Platoon of PzIIIN's and begin to fire on the US infantry dug in around their objective.  The massed Bazooka teams and dug in artillery + US air support make an early advance at bad idea.

Jeremy's Grenadiers backed by HMG support pin down the advancing US infantry but cant stop the Stuarts which now join the Shermans (in the background) in their advance.  All of the US armour is now looking to flank around behind us, the Stuarts aiming for our Rocket Launchers.

All our reinforcements arrive and we can begin our assault on the US objectives - Jeremy pinning down the US infantry reinforcements has given us a great chance to get victory here as we have superiority in numbers on this flank and his units cannot safely assault our own dug in infantry (yet)


Direct fire US artillery bails out 2 and destroys 1 of the 4 PzIIIs

Shermans move in for the kill and without the Panzerfausts I would normally have in Late War my infantry are going to have problems.  The Pak guns are also not helping.  While they have taken out 3 Shermans and 2 Stuarts the remaining two guns are still badly positioned.

US Armour moves in for the kill

The Panzers assault the 3 remaining US Engineer teams and LOSE!!! getting bogged down and failing their Motivation checks.  Our infantry still pinned down cant do anything to help

Pinned down infantry watch as the PzIIIs burn.  Brumbars assault next though and take the objective, we just need to hold ours for one turn and we claim victory

Oh Oh Shermans come roaring in - and despite 3 bogging down our infaprntry fails its motivation checks breaks, runs and dies including the CIC and my company breaks handing victory to the US.
 A really good game and one in which Jeremy and I played a lot better and a lot smarter, although the postioning of the Paks was not good.  One change to my list for the tournament with the addition of an AA Platoon at the cost of a Grenadier Squad and a PzIVF2 upgrade.

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