July 10, 2012

FOW Battle Report - Panzershrek Game 1

Fair fight up against the Stanton brothers OSS Company's mixture of Veteran troops and Partisans with a set of special rules that meant the entire battle was fought at night and where only they could double time.  Made it very interesting particular when we kept rolling 4" for our visibility and they kept rolling 16-20"
We dig in around the left hand objective - we were attacking so stacked our armour up here.  Our opponents had no real AT that could hurt us, but the ability due night time and terrain to ambush our tanks easily.

The right flank - AA in the middle on the hill, kind of a waste in the end.

The enemy

The enemy

The left hand enemy objective and our principle target during the game.  Armour advancing up the road infantry coming from the right of the railway station and to the left of the road.  Unfortunately the enemies early double movement and recon moves meant we couldnt put this into action.

Grenadiers moving up ready to angle left for our target

My PzIIIs just before disaster struck....

Jeremys Brumbars move up, but the night time visibility stops us from firing at anybody, and we are still hampered by the terrain which would make defensive fire if assaulted difficult.

Our attack goes in, armour up the middle, infantry to the right and behind the armour.  The enemy though are carefully positioned and we cant draw LOS on them or get the visibility we need.

DIASTER!!! 3/4 pz IIIs and 3/3 Brumbars bog down on terrain - night time rules required us to reroll successful bog checks, and with the Brumbars bogging on 1s and 2s we were scuppered just as our units were lined up to move in.

Meanwhile as the tanks bog down the enemy infantry advances on my Grenadiers dug in around the left hand objective.  Luckily in the subsequent assualts my defensive fire keeps all of the enemy Platoons pinned down and inflicts a lot of losses on them.  Jeremys HMGs are also nicely placed to the right and do furthur damage.

Quick get some infantry up to protect those bogged down tanks from Assault

Another enemy assault fails as the troops are kept pinned down, their support to the rear now has to angle around them to get into assault position.

Enemy AT and Bazooka fire takes out my PzIIIs whose survivors break and run scuttling their tanks as they do so

Meanwhile on the right the enemy rushes our other objective, but we manage to keep them back temporarily.  But their infantry outnumber ours 4 to 1 so its a losing battle.

Another failed infantry assault on our left hand defended objective
Outnumbered 4:1 in infantry but with a huge superiority in armour this game was pretty well balanced, at least until the night time rules were revealed and things got distinctly difficult. Only being able to move 8" meant we couldnt rush his defences or outflank anyone with our armour.  The enemys ability to double time in the dark and recon moves gave them a HUGE advantage, that and some incredibly bad luck with dice which killed our armour and kept our LOS down to 4" for several turns didnt help.  But we held off superior numbers on the left and came close to defending the right despite a massive local superiority in numbers to the enemy on that side. 

A couple of infantry assaults by our troops on the left effectively broke that enemy flank but without the armour we were unable to exploit our advantage there.  The result a 5-2 victory to the Stantons as their troops swamped our weakly defended right flank and took the objective there.

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