July 27, 2012

FOW Tournament Results

Battlefront posted the final results for Panzershrek XI the doubles tournament I competed in last month on their website last week.  I had to leave before the results were announced on the day as I had a damn migraine but it was nice to see that Jeremy and I didnt get the wooden spoon again, despite our team name :)

Official write up

Also looks like BF have once again used several of the photos I took at the tournament in their tournament write up which is pretty cool.  Got a bit of stick about the picture of my army which they used as it includes *ahem* 4 of my Forged in Battle PzIII's - nice of Battlefront to give an alternate manufacturer a bit of free advertising.

My 1100pts of Grenadiers (proxied by FJ of course)
Have 3 more weeks of gaming at the club before I attend my next FOW event Call to Arms in Wellington.  One surprising piece of news from that tournament is the small size of the WHFB field only 17 competitors at the last count.  Considering that last year when I attended their were 12 in the Karak Eight Peaks WHFB campaign event (including me) and another 24+ in the main WHFB field this is huge drop in numbers.  Maybe like me people are starting to get a bit gamed out....

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