July 9, 2012

Panzershrek XI FOW armies on parade

Completed my 3rd ever FOW tournament over the weekend the Panzershrek doubles event.  Jeremy and I managed to score our first win but we also suffered a couple of bad loses but overall did a lot better than last year, and worked pretty well together.  Both looking forward to next years tournament.

Going to post battle reports of each of our five games over next few days - have a WHFB one to go up as well - but for now here are some pictures of some of the various armies and tables from the tournament.  I did take pics of all of the armies but unfortunately not all of them were in focus :(

All of the pictures should expand out so enjoy....

My army 1155pts of Grenadiers proxied by my Fallschirmjager


The other armies were pretty to look at, some great painting skills in evidence as you would expect.  Terrain not as good as 2011 but still pretty good and overall the tournament was great fun.

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Hank Swager said...

Great pictures thanks for posting!!