July 30, 2012

Surprise call-up for 600pt FOW Tournament Saturday

Got a late call up to fill a spot at a one-day 600pt Early War FOW tournament on Saturday.  Should be a great event and a big one with 36 competitors from around the country.  One of our club members Bob Pearce is organising it, and as an added bonus its very local about 15 minutes drive away. 

Luckily Id been working on 600pt lists a while back as I was planning on attending but missed out on the last spot - karmas nice to you sometimes.  Going to be taking the following:

Gebirgsjager Infantry Company (Burning Empires)
CHQ - 100pts

w. 2 x SMG, 2 x MG34
Combat Platoon - 175pts
w. SMG, 6 x Rifle/MG, 1 x Light Mortar
Combat Platoon - 130pts
w. SMG, 4 x Rifle/MG, 1 x Light Mortar
AT Platoon - 80pts
w. SMG, 2 x Pak 36, Pack Mules (mean guns count as man packed)
Recon Platoon - 110pts
w. 2 x 8-Rad with PaK Shield Armour

Total 595pts

From past experience this should be OK but we'll see.

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