July 12, 2012

WIP - Panthers, von der Heydte & DAK Fallschirmjager

Getting some more painting in and tried my hand at the Hitlerhalt camo scheme described by BF on the latest series of FOW tutorials.  The base camo is the same scheme/process I used on my PSC PzIVs but with one difference I painted over the Dark Yellow areas with Desert Yellow - didnt have any non-spray Dark Yellow and it seemed close enough.  Dots were applied using the end of a piece of wire, not very uniform but I really like the effect.


 von der Heydte and his Panzerfaust Trap teams need to get done in time for Call to Arms in August.  Going to get the standard FJ camo job I did on my other FJ units.
 Also making progress on repainting my 4th FJ Platoon in Desert uniforms to use as either MW-FJ from the North Africa/Tunisia lists, as FJ in a Panzer list or as proxy Schutzen infantry.  Still some highlighting to do, the rifles and other weapons to fix up and some work to go on the webbing and skin but the general tone is there to see.


Ben said...

Looking good! Von der Heydte and his Panzerfaust Trap teams are one of my favourate units in the game!

John Murrie said...

Cheers :)