August 28, 2012

Mournfang Cavalry fixed and back on track

After an encouraging comment from Sam I sat down last night and gave my Mournfang another go focusing on highlights and touching up key details. The process prior to last night involved
- Chaos Black undercoat
- Bleached Bone basecoat
- Ogre Flesh Wash
- Bestial Brown on upper half of body
- Graveyard earth drybrushed on upper half
- Skull White drybrushed on lower half

This didnt turn out to well and I got lost, but a couple of simple things fixed the test model right up.

I started by abandoning the drybrushing and used Vomit Brown to paint the tips and edges of all of the fur on the top half of the model, then re-did the white areas on the lower half to get the colour looking more even.  Followed this up with a light coat of Badab Black wash concentrating on getting it in between the fur avoiding the tips.

The exposed skin areas and feet were re-done with Codex Grey and then Fortress Grey highlights.  The saddle areas were simple (as the rider will cover most of it) - Scorched Brown and Snakebite Leather and Boltgun Metal with Badab Black.  Eyes got Skull White, Scab Red for pupil, Scorched Brown around the outside and a bit of Black Wash to deepen them.

All up Im pretty happy with it and it looks pretty good in the light of day and close up - will sit down and get the other three finished tonight using the same process.  Might also get some more highlighting work done on the tusks - but Im Ok with them as they are.

August 26, 2012

Wargamers on TV

Almost forgot to mention that Call to Arms the other weekend made it onto TV, the local media recognising that the event marked not only a great time for those involved but also the 40th anniversary of the Wellington Warlords who put the event on.

TV3 news report on Call to Arms 2012

Not a bad story although the camera did tend to follow *ahem* an example of what most people would consider the average gamer to look like.  Andrew Stantons LW German Train did make it on the board though, and (if you know what I look like) you can just make me out in the background on one shot head in hands getting my arse kicked by a horde of T34s.

August 25, 2012

Ogres WIP & painting dilemmas

Do you ever get to a stage when your painting something when you realise you have absolutely no idea what you are trying to achieve but are at a point where you simply can't go back?  Painting my Mournfang Cavalry last night and I suddenly realised I didnt know what colour scheme I wanted or how to get it.  So I ended up painting different schemes on all four of them before settling on something brown and decidedly average looking because by that stage it was too late to stop.

Short of paint stripping them and starting again I'm not really sure where to go with them, but Ill finish the first one and see what I can salvage but honestly it doesnt look good.  Think paint stripping and doing a simple grey scheme like the Rhinox on my Ironblaster will be the best bet... just a complete pain in the arse is all.

The pictures dont really tell the full story of just how average these are, going to have to search hard for some inspiration on how I could fix it up.  But ill get some Simple Green at the Supermarket just in case *sigh*

August 24, 2012

WHFB Battle Report - High Elves vs. Goblins

Well I chickened out in the end and left my horde of 39 Swordmasters out home last night opting instead for a boring variation of my High Elf tournament list, albiet one with a Dragon mage included.  Up against Jeff's Night Goblin horde and I do mean horde it was a very interesting game.

High Elves
Archmage - L4, Life, Folraiths, Talisman of Preservation
Dragon Mage - L2, Silver Wand, Talisman of Endurance
Noble - BSB, GW, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix
30 x Spears - Full Command
13 x Archers - Musician
13 x Archers - Musician
14 x Swordmasters - Musician
14 x Swordmasters - Musician
21 x White Lions - Full Command, Gem of Courage

Night Goblins
L4 Mage - Feedback Scroll
L2 Mage
Big Boss
60 x Night Goblins - HW
60 x Night Goblins - HW
60 x Night Goblins - HW
20 x Goblin Archers
20 x Goblin Archers
20 x Goblin Archers
2 x Mangler Squigs
10 x Fanatics
Rock Lobber
2 x Spear Chuckas
6 x Trolls

Basically I was scared stiff of those fanatics, which quite frankly I absolutely loath and Jeff having 2 Mangler Squigs just made it worse.  So plan buff everyone with Life, let the Dragon Mage cause some damage and have the Eagles pop out as many Fanatics as possible.  Then sit back and watch the Fanatics go nuts (hopefully) amongst Jeffs army - and possibly fly the Dragon into pop out a few more.

First turn for me and everyone marches forward.  Swordmasters on the right go their full move while Spears/White Lions hold back a little bit letting the Eagles draw out the Fanatics. But they only to manage to draw out 2 of them.
Dragon Mage hides behind a building to avoid the Rock Lobber and Spear Chukas, but Jeff basically ignored it except for advancing one lot of Archers toward to it to let loose a fanatic.

This is about Turn 3 after Jeffs shooting has taking down one of the Eagles.  The other has pressed forward a few more inches and draw out the Fanatics in the 2 big blocks on the left.  These have now all formed a line across the front of Jeffs army, just waiting for me to advance through them. 

Just for the hell of it I fly the Dragon Mage in to roast Jeffs remaining Spear Chucka and to give him something to throw his Mangler Squigs at - hoping that theyll both go in and then end up amongst his units.  I get Flame Cage off on his trolls, and zap about a dozen Goblins with Dragon Breath but then one of his Manglers comes in and goes berko on the Dragon.  The metallic fanatic to the bottom right also hits it and its bye bye Dragon Mage.
Dragon Mage is dead but now theres a Mangler in the middle of Jeffs army along with 8 Fanatics.  In a crafty move he opts to run the Mangler through his Archers wiping them out and saving his big block.
Meanwhile on the right failed animosity rolls mean the two other Archer blocks have had to charge the Swordmasters.  Another fanatic pops out and kills 2 Swordmasters and just for giggles the Trolls charge in as well.  As you can probably guess the Troll-less combat ended with the Goblins getting slaughtered, fleeing and the Swordmasters chasing them down.  Unfortunately they ended up 1/2 inch short of his L2 mage - althougth they did chase him down next turn before exiting the board.
Success for the Swordmasters.  They take a few casualities but do a ton to the Night Goblins and despite failing fear against the Trolls manage to wound a couple of them as well.  Result the Goblins lose combat break, flee and are cut down while the Trolls just manage to get away.  Their retreat blocks the movement of Jeffs 3rd big block of Night Goblins, while the other fanatics are still blocking the first two.
Time to start moving forward now - or is it - fanatics keep spiralling in and landing in really awkward places so I opto to hang back a little and keep shooting.
Bugger!!!!!!!! Jeff gets of an IF template spell that follows the White Lions around for two turns killing over half the unit.  Luckily I get Throne of Vines and Regrowth off and get a few bodies back. 

Our big blocks start to move toward each-other as the Fanatics begin to disappear (either rolling doubles or being shot by me).  The Swordmasters get into position to charge as well, hoping I can keep the magic going.
Spears charge the Night Goblins while next to them the other Night Goblin block as fled from combat with the White Lions after getting hacked to pieces by them.
Thankfully the White Lions have seen off the Night Goblin block which luckily for me contains Jeffs BSB and General, so no more high leadership tests or re-rolls for him.  The Swordmasters meanwhile have not had a good time.  The unit of 14 which had moved off the table comes back and charges a unit of 60 Night Goblins - I mean why not - but gets reduced to one body, but manages to hang around.  The other block gets rear charged by the trolls but also manages to hang on chopping a few of them down before the White Lions come into the Trolls flank to help out.
Bye Bye Trolls and Night Goblins - The Spears hack through one unit, it flees and the Spears chase it down while the White Lions defeat the Trolls but not before they finish off the Swordmasters.
Nearly the end of the game now - the Spears just keep moving to stay out of harms way, although the Rock Lobber does land on them killing quite a few.  Meanwhile the big block of 50 odd Night Goblins, and the smaller block with the Goblin L4 and BSB charge the White Lions.
Last act of the game - Fanatics are no longer an issue, they're either dead or too far away from anyone to matter.  The White Lions are reduced to 2 models and the Archmage still lives as Jeff doesnt have any magic weapons in his army.
End result after turn 6 is a draw 1100 VP to Jeff, 900 VP to me so pretty damn close really in game that see-sawed back and forth with both armies hanging back waiting to see what those damn fanatics would do.  Having re-rolls worked a treat and it was fun to take a Dragon Mage again - first time in 2 years I think, maybe 3?  I don't think the horde of Swordmasters would have worked very well and this would have been a different game had Jeffs shooting managed to kill of both Eagles preventing me from popping his Fanatics so early.

Next week its 700pts of LW Panzers as I take on the Tank Aces FOW rules for the first time.

August 23, 2012

On the painting table - Ogres & Nebelwerfers

List building yesterday and attending CTA over the weekend has restored my interest in playing WHFB again as has Pete Dunns announcement of a WHFB teams event for next year which sounds fantastic; already getting the Palmy boys organised.

Managed to start work last night on my Ogre armies Mournfang Cavalry as well as a Platoon of 3 Nebelwerfers which Ill be painting in Desert colours to go with my MW DAK Panzer Company (meaning I'll either have to buy another platoon for my LW stuff or go with the Panzerwerfers).

Mournfang Colour Scheme
While the Ogre armybook shows Mournfang in predominantly dark colours I've decided to go with something a lighter principally to make them different from the Rhinox pulling my Ironblaster.  What I am aiming for is a kind of dirty off-white/brown fur and upper body with a slightly lighter colour around the stomach, and a darker face.   Riders are getting green & white stripped pants and will otherwise follow the same process used for my Bulls and Ironguts.

 Step 1
Deneb Stone (old GW paint name) over the fur, face, feet and horns

 Step 2
Ogre Flesh Wash (again the old GW name) over everything - giving it at least 24 hours to dry.
Ill follow this up with drybrushing of the various colours, and possibly painting of darker colours near the lower ends of each piece of fur.
 Step 3
The riders (+ a Tyrant and the Ironblaster crew member for the hell of it) have just gotten the primary base colours so far which are - Tanned Flesh, Boltgun Metal and then Adeptus Battlegrey for the white parts of the trousers and either Scab Red/Dark Green or Regal Blue for the non-white parts.  Flesh and metal areas will get washes and the pants will be built up in successive layers similar to previous looks so 2 layers of straight paint and then a couple more of the same colours mixed with white to lighten them up.
Just based these at this stage, undercoated them this morning while the kids were having breakfast.  Next steps will be the primary colours so a spray of Tamiya Dark Yellow over everything and then various layers of Tamiya Khaki, Buff and Desert Yellow to get the right look.  

Once these guys are all done I'm going to start on 20 Dwarf Quarrellers that I have sitting in my bitz box and a 2nd unit of 6 Ogre Bulls.

August 22, 2012

High Elf shits & giggles @ 2400pts

Got a game of WHFB lined up for tomorrow night at the Club against Geoff who usually runs a massive Night Goblin horde with a few big blocks of 50-60 Night Goblins and a bunch of warmachines. 

Going to run my High Elves against him basically because they've been sitting on the shelf for the best part of 4 months and why the hell not.  Also going to take a bit of shits and giggles list rather than go for optimum builds and all that rubbish, just for a bit of fun - Ill either get slaughtered or have a blast with it. Anyway list for tomorrow night will be:

- Level 4, Life, Dragonbane Gem, Folraiths Robe

Dragon Mage
- Level 2, Talisman of Preservation

30 x Spears
- Full Command

14 x Archers
- Musician

14 x Archers
- Musician

39 x Swordmasters
- Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Razor Standard

5 x Ellyrian Reavers
- Musician, Bows instead of Spears



TOTAL 2,398 points

Thats right a horde of Swordmasters - depending on how well the Reavers & Eagles do at teasing out Geoffs damn fanatics it is going to be a hoot once it gets into combat. Pictures and battle report up Friday :)

August 21, 2012

CTA 2012 - reflecting on Fallschirmjager in Tournament play

Well I've had 24 hours to think about Call to Arms and my experiences playing FOW at a large singles event for the first time.

This was my 5th FOW Tournament in the last 18 months the others were FRACAS 2011 & 2012 and Panzershrek 2011 & 2012. FRACAS was played at 600pts and Panzershrek at 2200pts (split between 2 people) and consequently list building and army tactics were very different than at Call to Arms. FRACAS is very much about making the most of nothing much and creating lists with very limited options – although some players do extremely well in getting around this. Panzershrek as a team event generally sees each team member focus on different phases of the game e.g. at Panzershrek this year I took the armour and AA while my partner took the defensive AT and template weapons.

Thoughts on my army list 
As far as Fallschirmjager go 6.FJR in Hells Highway is a fantastic sourcebook with some solid options particularly when it comes to fielding AT firepower. But doing so can result in a list that is not suited to fighting infantry armies or attacking.
My Army on display in the parade Day 2
Von der Heydte & Panzerfaust Trap Teams 
VDH was pretty good the ability to motivate on a 2+ saved me several times and the necromancer ability also came in handy even resurrecting a Pak 40 on one occasion..
VDH & the Trap Teams
The trap teams also worked well in pretty much every game. But and this is the big but to use them effectively you need
  1. A board with suitable terrain features e.g. forests, crop fields, enclosed fields and buildings, 
  2. To deploy your other forces in such a way that you do not utilise those terrain features, 
  3. Don’t be afraid to use them early, and 
  4. Don’t think of them as only tank hunters. 
The requirement for Trap Teams to be deployed in terrain meant that in most games I was restricted in terms of where they could be deployed – lots of open terrain and hedges do not provide many places to deploy. I also scuppered myself in at least two games by deploying my core troops into the only terrain features capable of taking Trap Teams, or the only features that provided useful deployment positions. Example – Game 4 there was a forest 6” away from one objective that my opponents armour would have to funnel around or through perfect for Traps. But I deployed other units into it denying it to the Trap Teams. When deploying your company you have to think about where Trap Teams would go before you place the rest of your troops.

I also found that deploying them really early paid off big time, particularly in games with Turn limits. Example - in Game 5 – Strategic Withdrawal – I used all 4 of them to keep ½ of my opponents armour trapped in his half of the table till Turn 5 by which time they were in no position to help win the game for him. The other reason to use them early is that quite simply if you don’t you may never get to deploy them.

Finally do not think of Trap Teams as being nothing but tank-hunters, they’re not. In 3 games I used them to take out enemy artillery, AA guns, artillery observers and to advance ahead of my forces in order to limit my opponents ability to deploy their ambushes in useful positions. My win in game 3 I actually put down to the Trap Teams taking out 1 of 3 deployed enemy platoons, and helping force a morale check on a 2nd that eventually caused his army to break. Remember as FV your opponent hits them on 4’s so it is very possible for them to assault individual guns and not be pinned down, and for you to make the necessary saves caused by defensive fire.

Will I take them again – YES!!! Are they worth the points – YES!!! Will I take 4 of them again, NO next time I’ll drop one and add a single Sniper for a bit of variety.

Support Weapons – Pak 40s and Mortars 
I really love Mortars, don’t know why I just do, but honestly they don’t do crap. Yes against Soviet armour the ability to drop smoke on them forcing them to move thus reducing their ROF and adding +1 to their rolls to hit you is great. But other than that the 32” range of 6.FJR mortars is poor. Of 5 games over the weekend I only fired them in 2, and next time I will leave them behind and spend the 130pts on something else.
GW34 Mortars
Pak 40s proved great as usual but I hampered myself with poor deployment in a couple of games, and in the game I needed them the most vs. 20 T34s and 4 SU122s after scoring 20+ hits they destroyed a single T34. Four of them are great but perhaps two platoons of two (an option in 6.FJR) would be better – a mobile AT gun is better than a fixed one.
Pak 40s
Were pretty cool but I simply didn’t use them effectively enough to really judge how good they really are or how good they could be. In hindsight I used them to aggressively in a couple of games and they should really be viewed as defensive weapons – super Pak guns with longer range, more mobility and better protection but Pak guns nonetheless.

The rest of the army 
The 2cm AA paid off really well – I don’t think I shot down or stopped a single Air Attack and most opponents just ignored them when placing their aircraft anyway. But they did prove useful in shooting up enemy infantry and AT guns. Problem is in v3 AA is pretty much mandatory and the AA were always among the 3 of 6 Platoons I deployed in scenarios using the ‘reserves’ rule. But the question is did they have to be?
2cm AA
The standard FJ Platoons also worked as FV infantry normally work – but I either need to give them PF/Rifle/MG teams or stick a Pioneer Platoon in to add some AT capability and Fortifications to the list.

The Scenarios 
No Retreat – If defending put your objective down in the middle of your deployment zone so you don’t have to spread yourself out when the attacker places their objective. If attacking double time it straight for the easiest objective with everything you have and try to get it before your opponents reserves come on.

Strategic Withdrawal – I like this scenario particularly playing FJ as the defender but honestly winning this all comes down to your opponent. If they don’t play it right you will win, if they do then your about 50/50 to win it. As the attacker you cannot be subtle mass your company and go straight for an objective preferably the one that doesn’t disappear i.e. the one the defender places.

My opponent in Game 5 Sam made the mistake of splitting his forces. I held up one ½ and by the time it was able to move the two objectives it was initially aiming for were gone, while the other ½ didn’t move fast enough nor have sufficient strength to take an objective on its own. Mind you if he had had a T34 horde it wouldn’t have mattered.

Cauldron – first time I had played it and honestly this scenario is freaking horrible as a defender. But you can win it if your opponent doesn’t have a lot of Platoons. I would even suggest going on the attack and trying to break your opponent. I mean it could work it just depends on how many Platoons they have on the table.

Final Thoughts 
Two wins at 6-1, a losing draw at 2-3 and 2 big losses 1-6 and 2-5 respectively gave me a mixed weekend but a really good one. One win and a decent go in my other 4 games was also my initial aim, but to get 2 wins was just awesome. Had my Pak 40s and Jagdpanthers also be able to make their damn FP rolls in Game 4 maybe I could have won that one? I think I got 12th place overall or 14th not quite sure as there were 5 players on 17pts including me and it really depends on the other scoring. I will definitely play 6.FJR again but I also really want to take my LW Panzers as well.

August 19, 2012

FOW Tournie Report - Call to Arms 2012 Day 2

CTA is over for another year and it was a good 2nd day for me - I got slaughtered in Game 4 a 1-6 loss but then got a 6-1 win in Game 5 finishing on 17 for the tournament putting me I think up in the top 1/3 of the field; although the field was pretty packed at the points level.

I also managed to win the award for 'Best Historical Account' which was a great surprise. 

 I was sneaking a fair bit of time at work this week finding various sources as well as raiding my library to get sufficient detail to get it written up.  Think I used material from around 8-9 different sources overall.  Will work on improving it for next year.

Slideshows are:
  1. Army parade - the one with the train won best painted
  2. My Game 4 vs. Tankovy Battalion
  3. My Game 5 vs. Guards Recce Squadron.
Photos are all much larger than they are in the slideshow so should expand out, and my photobucket account is public if you want to go full hog looking at them

August 18, 2012

FOW Tournament Report - Day 1 at CTA 2012

(pictures should all expand out)

Game 1 – Encounter (Attacking) 
Opponent – Tim Ward 
Stelkovy Batallion (Red Bear)
Battalion HQ 135 * add Sapper Company * add pioneer wagon
Strelkovy Company - 1 Platoon + Komissar 145
Strelkovy Company - 1 Platoon + Komissar 145
Strelkovy Scout Platoon - 1 Squad 100
Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy Company - 3 IS2 + .50cal AAMG + Escorts 450
Assault Gun Company - 4 SU-122 + Escorts 210
Tank Destruction Company - 4 57mm ZIS-2 guns 155
Artillery Battalion - 4 122mm obr 1938 + Observer 155
Anti-Aircraft Machine-Gun Platoon - 3 DShK AA truck 55
Limited IL-2 Shturmovik 200

The terrain set up for this match was kind of strange with 2 large mountain impassable mountain features dominating the table both with only a single exit/entry point. While I was the attacking with only three platoons on the board – one of these the almost compulsory AA – I wasn’t in any position to do so. Tim had 4 Platoons deployed initially – Artillery, both infantry platoons, and the 57mm guns. His infantry came on either side edge meaning I was effectively split in two and forced to stick close to my AA. I was also wary of the tanks that could soon come on.
Mountain top objective

Early fears were realised when Tim advanced his infantry straight at the exposed right hand objecti-ve, where I only had my Pak guns and a couple of AA guns based. Moving my infantry down off the mountain was problematic and I simply couldn’t get enough bases over his way. With one neat trick he used his artillery to pin my AA and then brought in the planes to hit the Paks, luckily no damage done.

I then got very lucky in getting a reserve platoon on and opted to bring on my 2nd FJ Platoon to cover the right hand objective. A series of see-saw assaults resulted in an effective stalemate on that flank with neither of our infantry platoons strong enough to advance. But Tim was able to call on his artillery and air support to whittle me down a bit at a time.
The Jags get isolated and overwhelmed
Smoke brackets the Soviet tanks giving my Paks time to advance into firing range.
 Things got horrible as his SU-122s came on, scattered deployment seeing them pop up on my left well away from my Pak guns. But then I got lucky when my Jagdpanthers turned up. But then (in hindsight) made a big mistake and deployed them a long way forward to shoot at the SU-122s rather than back in cover protecting the objective. End result my Jag’s missed, and his IS-2’s came onto the board next to his SU-122s and my Jags got wiped out. Careful placement of his infantry also meant that I couldn’t get any of my Trap Teams on in a position to hit his armour – consequently, I used them to snipe at his AT guns and to get in his way.

Successful shooting Pak on the hill, and 2 on the ground take out the SU-122s
 The game bogged down after my Jag’s died. I moved my Pak guns forward and killed his SU-122s about 2 turns later, smoke from my Mortars allowing them to get close. But he slowly whittled down my forces and with a few minutes left in the strictly enforced time limited match Tim came within a whisker of forcing a result and getting a win – but it was not to be.


GAME 2 - No Retreat (Attacker) 
Opponent – Paul Waechter
British First Airborne, Parachute Infantry Company (A Bridge Too Far)
Company Command & 2iC SMG teams 175
* add 3 PIAT teams * add 1 Sniper team Warrior - Lt Colonel John Frost - SMG team 65
Parachute Platoon - 3 Squads 230
Parachute Platoon - 3 Squads 230
Parachute Machine-Gun Platoon - 2 HMG teams 90
Parachute Platoon, Royal Engineers - 3 Squads + supply handcart 205
Airlanding Heavy Anti-Tank Platoon - 4 17 pdr gun + trucks 270
Airlanding Anti-Tank Platoon - 6 pdr guns + jeeps 165
Airlanding Light Battery – 2 gun sections (4x 75mm Pack Howitzer) + jeeps 145 * add medium gun support 30
Airlanding Light Battery – 2 gun sections (4x 75mm Pack Howitzer) + jeeps 145 * add medium gun support 30

The terrain on this map actually suited my assault and with Paul deploying only his infantry, 6-pdrs and artillery to start he had nothing on the table that could kill my Jags. One fly in the ointment were the 3 barbed wire sections that he put down in front of the closest objective. I chose to battlegroup some teams to make a 7th Platoon to give me more flexibility and then double-timed everything forward with the majority of the infantry and the Jags heading right.
Initial deployment - left hand objective is just over the road in the wheat field, right hand objective is right at the back behind the hedgerows.
 In this game the lack of opposing armour meant that I had to find another way to use my Trap Teams. So I deployed them all in the first turn as far forward as I could get to (a) push his ambushing 6 pdrs back as far as possible and (b) to start taking out his artillery observers and to assault various isolated teams.
FJ advance at the double trying to rush the defenders
 Unfortunately things didn’t work out to well. The rush on the right was going OK until Pauls shooting pinned down my infantry just as it got into assault range of the objective, and then the Jags got knocked out when they bogged down and he assaulted them with his Engineers.
FJ and Jags angle toward the more weakly defended right hand objective.  Mortar smoke keeps one flank secure, and Trap teams spread out on the left to help.
Things on the right have gone pear shaped and nearly everyone is dead so what next?  I know lets just go for it - last remaining platoon of FJ assaults the gap in the wire.  Pictures show the first of 3 unsuccesful attempts.
  But as the attacker my only option was to keep attacking which is what I did and I kept pressing forward. I would assault get shot up, fall back, assault again, get shot up and then assault again. I managed to kill a few teams here and there but Paul keep whittling away at me until I was forced to make continuous company morale checks that I eventually failed.


GAME 3 – Cauldron (Defender) 
Opponent – Ken Camel
American Infantry Company (3rd Infantry Division, Dogs and Devils)
 Company HQ 80
* Add 2 Bazooka teams
Assault Platoon - 3 squads + Pioneer rifle + Sharpshooter 295
Rifle Platoon - 3 squads + rifle 220
Tank Platoon - 4 M5A1 Stuart 250
Tank Destroyer Artillery Platoon - 4 M10 3" GMC 340
Assault Gun Platoon - 3 M8 Scott HMC 170
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platoon - 2
M1 90mm guns + extra crew 170 I&amp
;R Platoon - 2 squads 85
Air Support - Limited P40 Warhawk 130

Now this was an interesting game and one in which the Trap Teams really proved their weight in gold. We both started with three Platoons on the board – me one lot of FJ, the AA and the Pak’s and Ken with 2 Platoons of Infantry and his 90mm guns.
The Battlefield
 Deployment saw me spread my guys out in an arc having to cover every angle due to the random deployment rules which meant Ken could basically pop up anywhere. I was really worried about his armour, and knew that I had to see off any early assault effectively as I could not expect my reserves to come on and save me.
FJ, AA and Paks deployed in an arc with one objective in the top left corner and the other on the bottom right corner of the defensive line.
 Ken’s deployment rolls were all 5’s allowing him to choose where he put his units and he deployed them all on my left – the infantry going into forests and the 90mm onto a hill looking down on my defensive lines. Lucky for me I got the first turn and I decided to use the Trap Teams early to start killing of his units early. One team went down opposite his 90mm, assaulted them and killed one gun before being killed itself. But this was my only offensive move. Ken followed up by launching two assaults on my left flank after his air support managed to pin my Pak guns and FJ Platoon, but not my AA.
Trap team assaults and kills one gun, one to go.
 His first platoon went in with an attached flamethrower and quickly cut through my teams forcing them all to pull back. His 2nd Platoon was not as lucky though defensive fire pinned them down during the assault with 5 hits and Ken failed 4 of the subsequent infantry saves. Even a Medal of Honor assault couldn’t help. But despite this set back he had forced me back from the objective. This meant I had 5 turns left to retake it or I would lose, and I had to do it against superior numbers of infantry and while waiting for his tanks to arrive.
US American moves into assault positions, Platoon at left of picture goes in first.
Early success as the first US platoon forces me back, and then the 2nd goes in.
Things still a bit dicey as Kens Medal of Honour roll allows his assault to continue.

Rather than assault him I stayed put, managed to unpin everybody and started shooting up his infantry in the open. My remaining 3 Trap Teams also went down, one next the 90mm and two next to the infantry whose assault had failed – and this was only the start of Turn 2.
German fire wipes out the US Infantry contesting the objective, while to the left (out of picture) another Trap team succeeds in killing of the last 90mm gun.  Next minute everything goes pear shaped... for Ken
 What happened next was just… well… really poor luck on Ken’s part.

Ken lost his 2nd 90mm gun to a Trap Team and then my other forces shot up his weaker infantry platoon which promptly failed its morale check and ran away. The 90mm gun platoon also failed its morale check not once but twice when Ken had his CIC attach to them – both promptly disappearing. At the start of his Turn 2 Ken didn’t get any reserves on and with only 1/3 Platoons active he had to take a company morale check which he failed, twice.

End result his company broke and I won the game at the start of his Turn 2, and to be honest it
took me a few minutes to realise what had actually happened such was my surprise. Despite his phenomenal bad luck Ken took it all extremely well, although he wasn’t interested in submitting the scores and continuing to play on for the fun of it.


So Day 1 ended with a win, a draw and a loss all against Infantry companies and all different.  A few things to come out of the day:
  • I really like playing "No Retreat"
  • Panzerfaust Trap Teams are a lot of fun to play.
  • Jagdpanthers + lots of Soviet heavy tanks is bad for the Jags
  • Only having 6 Platoons hurts, I need 8 for more flexibility.
  • Need more coffee.
  • Given the various army lists on display in the WHFB competition Im glad Im not playing it this year.
And finally, something I never thought i would say.... I really want to play some Tanks...