August 19, 2012

FOW Tournie Report - Call to Arms 2012 Day 2

CTA is over for another year and it was a good 2nd day for me - I got slaughtered in Game 4 a 1-6 loss but then got a 6-1 win in Game 5 finishing on 17 for the tournament putting me I think up in the top 1/3 of the field; although the field was pretty packed at the points level.

I also managed to win the award for 'Best Historical Account' which was a great surprise. 

 I was sneaking a fair bit of time at work this week finding various sources as well as raiding my library to get sufficient detail to get it written up.  Think I used material from around 8-9 different sources overall.  Will work on improving it for next year.

Slideshows are:
  1. Army parade - the one with the train won best painted
  2. My Game 4 vs. Tankovy Battalion
  3. My Game 5 vs. Guards Recce Squadron.
Photos are all much larger than they are in the slideshow so should expand out, and my photobucket account is public if you want to go full hog looking at them


Sam said...

Nice reports John. I have no idea how to play the game, but the history and models are cool.

John Murrie said...

Thanks Sam and congrats on your awards in the Fantasy comp very well deserved. Your army looked awesome