August 17, 2012

FOW Tournament Army history for CTA 2012

One of the requirements, I think its a requirement as I've lost the players pack, for the FOW competition at Call to Arms this weekend is the creation of a unit history for your company/army/list.  Not something I've ever done before but after looking at a few examples online I gave it a go and actually found it thoroughly enjoyable.  Helped of course that I have a large collection of WW2 history texts and access to various academic databases ;)

Anyway - while my effort for CTA might be a bit too long Im pretty happy with it (although contrary to what I require of my students I havent *ahem* acknowledged my sources *ahem*) we'll see what people think of it over the weekend.  Also looks like Ill be travelling down to Wellington with Bob Pearce who has grabbed a lift off me - the constant rain has put paid to his ideas of a Harley trip.  Not sure how my little car will cope with an extra passengar though.

Feel free to check out my efforts here

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