August 5, 2012

FRACAS post-tournament brief report

Finished at FRACAS yesterday a 600pt one-day EW-FOW tournament.  Was a great day, I wasn't feeling in the best of health but still enjoyed myself.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera and none of the photos I took on my phone turned out well so dont have anything to share. 

Overall, there was a wide mix of armies all restricted to lists from the 3 main EW source books with air support and TA2 not allowed.  Simply put it was amazing what some guys could squeeze into a 600pt list with a few lists going nuts on the number of tanks.  However, on balance my Gebirgsjager list was pretty competitive particularly as my company was rated at Confident Veteran rather than the Reluctant/Confident Trained/Conscript that many others were running.

Missions alternated between Free for all (Games 1, 3 & 5) and No Retreat (Games 2 & 4) and in every case I was the defender despite all of my opponents having infantry armies. Basic results were:

Game 1 - Loss

I basically stuffed up and decided to chance my arm and rush my opponent.  He caught my infantry in the open and my AT guns couldn't hit a barn door let alone kill his tanks so he rolled me up pretty quick

Game 2 - Loss
Up against a lot of armour my AT Guns and 8-Rads got taken out early and without PK or PF my infantry were basically screwed as I couldnt hurt his tanks or even advance on them.  But I had to have a go to at least gain points and launched a couple of suicidal assaults on his armour across open country with my infantry to close up the result.

Game 3 - Win
This was close.  Defending my opponent had 3 Bren Gun carrier platoons that recon moved and then double timed to one of the objectives.  I only just... just... had enough room left to deploy my AT guns in Ambush, they brewed up half of them and bailed nearly all of the rest.  I was also in position to contest the objective and when his carriers failing to remount and my HMG churning up his infantry the advantage swung to me.  I was also very lucky when my reserves all came on and I was able to  assault the few bailed out Bren Carriers and destroy them.  This left him with an infantry platoon and some Bofors guns.  He couldnt retreat as I would win so had to stay put while I blazed away and wiped him out.

Game 4 - Loss

Aghhh game over in 10 minutes.  Playing No Retreat I spread the objectives out instead of placing the first one in the middle of my deployment zone.  I had 2 x 8-Rads on one objective and my opponent double timed and rushed everything he had at them, swamped me, shot me off and then secured victory at the start of Turn 3.

Game 5 - Draw
Up against an unbalanced infantry company I able to use superior firepower to shoot down his infantry in the open and then rush my Recon Platoon to the rear to grab an objective.  Unfortunately he managed to kill my 8-Rads and the game pettered out into a draw.


So one win and a draw, with one bad loss, but otherwise a good weekend.  Two more weeks to the big event though Call to Arms 2012 in Wellington - 1750pts of LW with my Hells Highway Fallschirmjager.  Like FRACAS this event will have 30+ competitors.

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