August 28, 2012

Mournfang Cavalry fixed and back on track

After an encouraging comment from Sam I sat down last night and gave my Mournfang another go focusing on highlights and touching up key details. The process prior to last night involved
- Chaos Black undercoat
- Bleached Bone basecoat
- Ogre Flesh Wash
- Bestial Brown on upper half of body
- Graveyard earth drybrushed on upper half
- Skull White drybrushed on lower half

This didnt turn out to well and I got lost, but a couple of simple things fixed the test model right up.

I started by abandoning the drybrushing and used Vomit Brown to paint the tips and edges of all of the fur on the top half of the model, then re-did the white areas on the lower half to get the colour looking more even.  Followed this up with a light coat of Badab Black wash concentrating on getting it in between the fur avoiding the tips.

The exposed skin areas and feet were re-done with Codex Grey and then Fortress Grey highlights.  The saddle areas were simple (as the rider will cover most of it) - Scorched Brown and Snakebite Leather and Boltgun Metal with Badab Black.  Eyes got Skull White, Scab Red for pupil, Scorched Brown around the outside and a bit of Black Wash to deepen them.

All up Im pretty happy with it and it looks pretty good in the light of day and close up - will sit down and get the other three finished tonight using the same process.  Might also get some more highlighting work done on the tusks - but Im Ok with them as they are.

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