August 13, 2012

New plastic Dwarfs from Avatars of War

Spotted the image below over at Hobby Horse one of the many blogs that I follow regularly.  Looks like Avatars of War are expanding their range of Dwarf miniatures.

Their range already includes a fantastic Dwarf Slayer - they call them Berserkers - kit containing 20 plastic miniatures.  Hobby Horse did a good review of the product and his painting efforts are shown below.

What I'm really hoping for is that the next edition of the Dwarf Army book, hopefully out in early 2013 although I am not holding my breath, contains some decent upgrades/changes for the Slayers.  If so I will definately be grabbing at least one box, maybe two depending on the changes, of the Slayers and maybe one of the Warriors as well.  But then again GW might come up with some new sculpts for the current Dwarven miniature range - but once again I am not holding my breath.  The current trend is firmly stuck on the track of updating the biggest selling armies first and the best armies last (although I will make an exception for Ogres now).

Oh and i cant attend Skitterleap Pete Dunns next Wellington WHFB tournament as its being held the weekend of my sons 3rd Birthday...


Tane said...

I can't see GW beating the AoW Slayers on price or quality. GW's competitive edge is normally that they offer a superior product, and the higher price is just what you have to pay.

AoW's Slayers are equal to anything GW has produced in my opinion, at a much better price, if compared to the recent range of plastic 10-pack of infantry; they're excellent models. What's more, us Kiwis can buy them from Maelstrom, at UK prices making them even better; GBP24.50/NZ$50 for 20 versus NZ$57 for 10 Plaguebearers or NZ$81 for 10 White Lions.

If GW release new plastic Slayers, they will have to be an order of magnitude better than the AoW ones, to justify more than twice the price.

This bodes well for AoW and its plastics range. GW's insanely high prices are giving it a lot of room to create high-end models at a much more affordable price.

Simon Switzer said...

That's a shame that you can't make it to Skitterleap John.

*hint* another reason why I love being 18 and not having to worry about any type of life! :D

Robert (Grovel) said...

Unfortunately, Avatars of War aren't continuing with their plastics range - after producing the Berserkers they moved to a 'restic' plastic/resin and plan to continue using it over plastics.

John Murrie said...

ugh not sold on resin - but we'll see what happens with GW in the next year or so. Cheers for info

RedCraig said...

First I've heard of 'restic'. Is it cheaper for AoW? Or do they believe it's results in a better model?
I'll be ordering a box of these once they're available. I love the look, and possible customisations of their slayer offering, though I haven't found the time to assemble them yet!
Let's hope the next dwarf book makes Slayers awesome again.