August 25, 2012

Ogres WIP & painting dilemmas

Do you ever get to a stage when your painting something when you realise you have absolutely no idea what you are trying to achieve but are at a point where you simply can't go back?  Painting my Mournfang Cavalry last night and I suddenly realised I didnt know what colour scheme I wanted or how to get it.  So I ended up painting different schemes on all four of them before settling on something brown and decidedly average looking because by that stage it was too late to stop.

Short of paint stripping them and starting again I'm not really sure where to go with them, but Ill finish the first one and see what I can salvage but honestly it doesnt look good.  Think paint stripping and doing a simple grey scheme like the Rhinox on my Ironblaster will be the best bet... just a complete pain in the arse is all.

The pictures dont really tell the full story of just how average these are, going to have to search hard for some inspiration on how I could fix it up.  But ill get some Simple Green at the Supermarket just in case *sigh*


Sam said...

They don't look un-salvageable John. I would just do a couple of highlights on the brown, and the tusks. Also maybe the white needs a highlight. I also find having a neat base adds so much to a model, maybe just a little neatness around the mournfangs feet would go a long way. I think the models are really nice figures, and would like to paint one up one day.

John Murrie said...

Cheers Sam - I've only done drybrushing on them so far and havent applied any washes to the current layers. Thinking that I might go through a try painting/highlighting individual hairs - black/dark brown on the top half, and a cleaner white on the bottom.

Horns I havent done yet - but theyll be similar to the larger ones on the Ironblaster.

Darth Weasel said...

I actually get to that point on...well...every model.

An unsteady hand, eye that cannot figure out what details are supposed to be virtually ensure that