August 23, 2012

On the painting table - Ogres & Nebelwerfers

List building yesterday and attending CTA over the weekend has restored my interest in playing WHFB again as has Pete Dunns announcement of a WHFB teams event for next year which sounds fantastic; already getting the Palmy boys organised.

Managed to start work last night on my Ogre armies Mournfang Cavalry as well as a Platoon of 3 Nebelwerfers which Ill be painting in Desert colours to go with my MW DAK Panzer Company (meaning I'll either have to buy another platoon for my LW stuff or go with the Panzerwerfers).

Mournfang Colour Scheme
While the Ogre armybook shows Mournfang in predominantly dark colours I've decided to go with something a lighter principally to make them different from the Rhinox pulling my Ironblaster.  What I am aiming for is a kind of dirty off-white/brown fur and upper body with a slightly lighter colour around the stomach, and a darker face.   Riders are getting green & white stripped pants and will otherwise follow the same process used for my Bulls and Ironguts.

 Step 1
Deneb Stone (old GW paint name) over the fur, face, feet and horns

 Step 2
Ogre Flesh Wash (again the old GW name) over everything - giving it at least 24 hours to dry.
Ill follow this up with drybrushing of the various colours, and possibly painting of darker colours near the lower ends of each piece of fur.
 Step 3
The riders (+ a Tyrant and the Ironblaster crew member for the hell of it) have just gotten the primary base colours so far which are - Tanned Flesh, Boltgun Metal and then Adeptus Battlegrey for the white parts of the trousers and either Scab Red/Dark Green or Regal Blue for the non-white parts.  Flesh and metal areas will get washes and the pants will be built up in successive layers similar to previous looks so 2 layers of straight paint and then a couple more of the same colours mixed with white to lighten them up.
Just based these at this stage, undercoated them this morning while the kids were having breakfast.  Next steps will be the primary colours so a spray of Tamiya Dark Yellow over everything and then various layers of Tamiya Khaki, Buff and Desert Yellow to get the right look.  

Once these guys are all done I'm going to start on 20 Dwarf Quarrellers that I have sitting in my bitz box and a 2nd unit of 6 Ogre Bulls.

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