August 24, 2012

WHFB Battle Report - High Elves vs. Goblins

Well I chickened out in the end and left my horde of 39 Swordmasters out home last night opting instead for a boring variation of my High Elf tournament list, albiet one with a Dragon mage included.  Up against Jeff's Night Goblin horde and I do mean horde it was a very interesting game.

High Elves
Archmage - L4, Life, Folraiths, Talisman of Preservation
Dragon Mage - L2, Silver Wand, Talisman of Endurance
Noble - BSB, GW, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix
30 x Spears - Full Command
13 x Archers - Musician
13 x Archers - Musician
14 x Swordmasters - Musician
14 x Swordmasters - Musician
21 x White Lions - Full Command, Gem of Courage

Night Goblins
L4 Mage - Feedback Scroll
L2 Mage
Big Boss
60 x Night Goblins - HW
60 x Night Goblins - HW
60 x Night Goblins - HW
20 x Goblin Archers
20 x Goblin Archers
20 x Goblin Archers
2 x Mangler Squigs
10 x Fanatics
Rock Lobber
2 x Spear Chuckas
6 x Trolls

Basically I was scared stiff of those fanatics, which quite frankly I absolutely loath and Jeff having 2 Mangler Squigs just made it worse.  So plan buff everyone with Life, let the Dragon Mage cause some damage and have the Eagles pop out as many Fanatics as possible.  Then sit back and watch the Fanatics go nuts (hopefully) amongst Jeffs army - and possibly fly the Dragon into pop out a few more.

First turn for me and everyone marches forward.  Swordmasters on the right go their full move while Spears/White Lions hold back a little bit letting the Eagles draw out the Fanatics. But they only to manage to draw out 2 of them.
Dragon Mage hides behind a building to avoid the Rock Lobber and Spear Chukas, but Jeff basically ignored it except for advancing one lot of Archers toward to it to let loose a fanatic.

This is about Turn 3 after Jeffs shooting has taking down one of the Eagles.  The other has pressed forward a few more inches and draw out the Fanatics in the 2 big blocks on the left.  These have now all formed a line across the front of Jeffs army, just waiting for me to advance through them. 

Just for the hell of it I fly the Dragon Mage in to roast Jeffs remaining Spear Chucka and to give him something to throw his Mangler Squigs at - hoping that theyll both go in and then end up amongst his units.  I get Flame Cage off on his trolls, and zap about a dozen Goblins with Dragon Breath but then one of his Manglers comes in and goes berko on the Dragon.  The metallic fanatic to the bottom right also hits it and its bye bye Dragon Mage.
Dragon Mage is dead but now theres a Mangler in the middle of Jeffs army along with 8 Fanatics.  In a crafty move he opts to run the Mangler through his Archers wiping them out and saving his big block.
Meanwhile on the right failed animosity rolls mean the two other Archer blocks have had to charge the Swordmasters.  Another fanatic pops out and kills 2 Swordmasters and just for giggles the Trolls charge in as well.  As you can probably guess the Troll-less combat ended with the Goblins getting slaughtered, fleeing and the Swordmasters chasing them down.  Unfortunately they ended up 1/2 inch short of his L2 mage - althougth they did chase him down next turn before exiting the board.
Success for the Swordmasters.  They take a few casualities but do a ton to the Night Goblins and despite failing fear against the Trolls manage to wound a couple of them as well.  Result the Goblins lose combat break, flee and are cut down while the Trolls just manage to get away.  Their retreat blocks the movement of Jeffs 3rd big block of Night Goblins, while the other fanatics are still blocking the first two.
Time to start moving forward now - or is it - fanatics keep spiralling in and landing in really awkward places so I opto to hang back a little and keep shooting.
Bugger!!!!!!!! Jeff gets of an IF template spell that follows the White Lions around for two turns killing over half the unit.  Luckily I get Throne of Vines and Regrowth off and get a few bodies back. 

Our big blocks start to move toward each-other as the Fanatics begin to disappear (either rolling doubles or being shot by me).  The Swordmasters get into position to charge as well, hoping I can keep the magic going.
Spears charge the Night Goblins while next to them the other Night Goblin block as fled from combat with the White Lions after getting hacked to pieces by them.
Thankfully the White Lions have seen off the Night Goblin block which luckily for me contains Jeffs BSB and General, so no more high leadership tests or re-rolls for him.  The Swordmasters meanwhile have not had a good time.  The unit of 14 which had moved off the table comes back and charges a unit of 60 Night Goblins - I mean why not - but gets reduced to one body, but manages to hang around.  The other block gets rear charged by the trolls but also manages to hang on chopping a few of them down before the White Lions come into the Trolls flank to help out.
Bye Bye Trolls and Night Goblins - The Spears hack through one unit, it flees and the Spears chase it down while the White Lions defeat the Trolls but not before they finish off the Swordmasters.
Nearly the end of the game now - the Spears just keep moving to stay out of harms way, although the Rock Lobber does land on them killing quite a few.  Meanwhile the big block of 50 odd Night Goblins, and the smaller block with the Goblin L4 and BSB charge the White Lions.
Last act of the game - Fanatics are no longer an issue, they're either dead or too far away from anyone to matter.  The White Lions are reduced to 2 models and the Archmage still lives as Jeff doesnt have any magic weapons in his army.
End result after turn 6 is a draw 1100 VP to Jeff, 900 VP to me so pretty damn close really in game that see-sawed back and forth with both armies hanging back waiting to see what those damn fanatics would do.  Having re-rolls worked a treat and it was fun to take a Dragon Mage again - first time in 2 years I think, maybe 3?  I don't think the horde of Swordmasters would have worked very well and this would have been a different game had Jeffs shooting managed to kill of both Eagles preventing me from popping his Fanatics so early.

Next week its 700pts of LW Panzers as I take on the Tank Aces FOW rules for the first time.

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Darth Weasel said...

I am impressed at his use of goblins. Takes a certain kind of player to take such ineffectual troops, withstand the inevitable whiffs and lack of getting anything done...and still get a good use out of them.

Love seeing th dragon mage