September 28, 2012

Ogre Leadbelchers - WIP

My next Ogre project is taking shape quite rapidly in the form of 4 Leadbelchers and another group of Bulls on the side.  Not many models left after that just another 4 Leadbelchers and 24 Gnoblars and I'm all done.  Consequently, I've been offering to help out my club mates with their painting starting with some of Savage Orcs which should be fun as I like painting green.  I am going to have to buy a Firebelly, a Slaughtermaster and a Thundertusk at some point though.

Anyway, as I think I've discussed before my painting process is pretty simple and you can bang out a unit of these guys in 3-4 nights with 2-3 hours painting each night easy..

Night One
Dwarf Flesh around entire torso, head etc not worrying about covering any details like leather straps working on getting an even coat.  Any lost details will come out in the wash so to speak.

 Bolt-gun metal on the armour and leadbelcher gun itself

Codex grey on half of the pants, facial and head hair. Then Scab red on the other half of the pants & Scorched brown on the belts, boots and any large leather areas.

Ah the wonder that is Flesh Wash the long extinct super-wash that I will not be able to live without once my few remaining mls are gone.  It gets applied liberally all over the Dwarf flesh areas, Badab Black goes over the Bolt-Gun metal and then nothing more is done for that night to give the washes time to dry.

Night Two
Time for the detailing, I'm fairly impatient and dont wait anywhere near as long as I should between painting different layers on things.  Basically once something is dryish to the touch I bung the next lot of paint on it.

Doing the flesh is easy - Dwarf Flesh everywhere except the deep recesses, then Elf Flesh on the raised areas followed by a liberal coat of Ogryn Flesh Wash.  However, before I do the Dwarf Flesh I apply Skull White to the eyeballs and teeth. 

Also applied another layer of Scab red to the pants and to the flames on the sticks in each Ogres mouth, followed by a layer of Blood Red.  The grey areas of the pants then got a layer of Fortress Grey. 

Tomorrow night Ill finish painting the rest of each model including the base and on night four complete the basing.  Used the same process for the Bulls below except for Snot Green going on the pants instead of Scab Red.
Not sure why but my colour scheme for the pants in my Ogre army so far has been:
  • Bulls & Mournfang - Green/White
  • Leadbelchers & Ironguts - Red/White
  • Heroes/Lords - Blue/White
 Overall, its not a bad look...

September 24, 2012

Ogres vs. Dwarfs & Empire 1200pt Battle Reports

Managed to get two games in last Thursday as part of 1200pt Round Robin at my local club.  Match-ups and results that night were:

Round 1 - Dawn Attack
Ogres (Me) vs. Dwarfs (Adam) - Dwarfs win
Empire (Reagan) vs. Orcs (Brendan) - Empire wins
Skaven (Jeff) vs. Lizardmen (Caleb) - Lizards win

Round 2 - Meeting Engagement
Ogres vs. Empire - Empire wins
Dwarfs vs. Orcs - Dwarfs win

Round 1 vs. Dwarfs
Random draw for Round 1 which was played using Dawn attack and I drew Adam and his Dwarfs.  In the end I decided to go with my Butcher/Bruiser BSB list with a single unit of Mournfang.  Adam's list contained a lot of shooting - 2 units of Quarrellers and a couple of Bolt-Throwers plus two big blocks of infantry.  Random deployment was reasonably helpful as I was less spaced out than Adam and also got the first turn.

The opening couple of turns went incredibly quickly as there was no point chucking magic Adams way with my solitary L1, and as I didnt have any shooting after the Ironblaster got skewered in Adams first turn.  Basically I rushed the Bulls and Mournfang at his main line while keeping the Characters and Ironguts back to wait for Adams big block of warriors.  Only problem was that his shooting took down 1/2 the Irongut unit before it even got close the Dwarf battleline.
Initial combats are average at best, the Bulls fail to kill off the Bolt-Thrower crew who they charged clipping the Quarrellers at the same time (thus avoiding a stand and shoot from the Quarrellers).  The Mournfang then went into the Quarrellers but clipped the Warriors and the resulting combat dragged on for a few rounds longer than it should have.  While the Quarrellers and Bolt-Thrower got munched I lost 2/3 Mournfang to Dwarf GW and things weren't looking too good.

Turn 4 I think and things go peared shape, the sole remaining Mournfang flees from combat with the Warriors after the Bulls who were going to charge into the Dwarfs flank were cut down by Adams remaining shooting units and fled.  While Adam kept making save after save the Mournfang couldnt save a thing.
Turn 5 the big Warrior block hits the Ironguts and over the next 2 rounds pretty much wipes them out before chasing them down.  The sole remaining Mournfang also flees as a result

Not a pretty way to end the match with only a solitary Mournfang and a unit of 3 Bulls on the table and only a dead Bolt-Thrower (60pts) and 10 dead Quarrellers to show for it.  Lack of shooting on my part really hurt, as did the lack of a WS on my BSB.

Result - Loss 

Round 2 vs. Empire
First game against Reagan for a long-time and he had a nasty looking list.  A L2 mage with Fire, several big blocks of infantry but more importantly a Great Cannon, a Hellblaster and some outriders to cause damage.  Only one of his units ended up coming on in reserve whereas nearly all of mine did - only the BSB, Ironguts and a unit of Bulls starting on the board.

Deployment showing my massive disadvantage in initial numbers soon made more difficult as Reagans shooting and magic Gutted (HA HA) my Ironguts.
Having no choice I just march everyone forward hoping for the best - and wait for the reinforcments to come on, angling for the GreatSword unit and the Empire mage (mounted on the horse and going solo).

Woohoo my Reinforcements arrive but they dont stay for long - not able to March or Charge they simple trot up slowly but are pretty well placed to hit the flank of Reagans army.  I'm just hoping my Ironblaster can kill off the Hellblaster.
 Meanwhile two IF Fireballs both at 3D6 have wiped out the Ironguts leaving the BSB all alone, but the Bruiser being hungry charges on anyway - both he and the Bulls charging the Greatswords and Empire General.

Well, the Bulls would have charged by Outrider shooting kills two of them leaving the Bellower all alone, and he fails his charge leaving the Bruiser all by himself.
While all alone the Bruiser actually does pretty well hitting and wounding on 2's he's basically killing 5 guys every round while just (JUST) making his own saving throws.
Meanwhile on the other side of the board the Ironblaster shoots at the Hellblaster and goes to far, and for its trouble is blasted by a Cannon Ball and destroyed.  The Mournfang then hit by the Hellblaster lose 1 panic and flee off the board leaving the Butcher all alone with 3 Bulls.
What the hell I charge in anyway aiming for the Hellbalster and clipping the men at arms detachment guarding it.  The Hellblaster dies quickly and Reagan has to rotate his troops to face the Bull/Buther combo
Meanwhile on the right the Bruiser has been joined by a solitary Bull and together they have cut down around 1/2 of the Greatsword unit and the Brusier still has 1 wound left (somehow).

 But this kind of luck cant last forever and despite reducing a unit of 30 Greatswords down to 8 the Brusier eventually buys it as does the flanking Bull.  On the other side the Butcher is also left alone and as the last remaining Ogre decides to runaway and hide in a vain attempt to call the battle off.

End result - I got slaughtered - probably shouldnt have deployed so close to the Hellblaster :(

Same lists this week as we agreed not to change them 1st game (Round 3) is against Brendans Black Orc themed list.  For Vermintide though I am going to have to make some list changes - the BSB needs a WS and I need some shooting.

September 20, 2012

1200pt WHFB Round Robin :)

Seems like 1200pt fever has hit my local gaming club - I was going to have another match up with my Ogres vs. Adams Dwarfs tonight but in the interests of getting some practice in for Vermintide in November, and hopefully to encourage some more registrations from my club mates - I proposed a few 1200pt games instead. 

Appears now that there will be at least 6 of us bringing 1200pts along tonight and if we can get things organised it should make for some compelling gaming over the next couple of weeks as we all play each-other - especially as everyone is using the comp rules from Vermintide.

The armies so far are:
  • Ogres
  • Dwarfs
  • Skaven/Night Goblins
  • Warriors of Chaos/Lizardmen
  • Brettonians/Orcs
  • Vampire Counts/Goblins
Ogres and Dwarfs are set in stone, but what the other 4 guys bring is up for debate as like me they all have more than one army. Going to have to charge up the batteries on my camera.

Still waiting to hear back from the Vermintide registrar though - getting a might worried....

September 18, 2012

Dwarf & Ogre Tournament Lists - 1200pts for Vermintide

Got the OK to head down for Vermintide in November a one-day 1200pt tournament.  Planning on taking my Ogres, but have a decent fall back list for Dwarfs ready to go. Number of restrictions in place for the event that affect Ogres and Dwarfs including (1) No unit over 350pts, (2) No double rares over 70pts, (3) Max 1 auto-dispel item and (4) Max 3 warmachines, 2 for 1's not included.

Question remains - what do I take Dwarfs or Ogres??

Dwarfs @ 1200pts
Dwarfs are easy at this points level.  Despite the benefits of BSB under 8th Edition, I'll be sticking to my 7th Ed thinking for Dwarfs under 1500pts and going with a Runesmith General as my only character.  Prospective army list for event is:

w. Shield, Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking, Ro Furnace, MR Challenge

25 x Warrior Rangers
w. Full command, GW

14 x Quarrellers
w. Musician, GW

14 x Quarrellers
w. Musician, GW

14 x Hammerers
w. Full command, MR Grungi

w. Engineer, RO Forging, RO Burning

Total 1,199 pts

MR Grungi was almost mandatory in 7th given the plethora of shooting you faced, that and RO Courage on Longbeard units to prevent the auto-rout when outnumbered by Fear causers.  In 8th its falling into disuse with my lists, but in a small game every bit of protection counts.

Single Runesmith still gives some powerful anti-magic defence +1DD for taking him and +2 to Dispel rolls and he has reasonable protection with a 2+AS and 2+WS vs. Flaming attacks.

Warrior Rangers give me some flexibility when it comes to deployment especially as it lets me plonk down my biggest block after my opponents army is fully deployed (scouts excluded of course).  Playing aggressively I can also (provided I dont get first turn) charge with them in Turn 1 which is always fun.

Considering taking 2 Bolt-Throwers instead of the Cannon one with flaming attacks the other at S7, but honestly even in 7th the damn things kept missing all the time and you can't beat S10 - although I expect the nasty stuff to come equipped with Dragonhelm or Dragonbane gem so might drop the burning rune to avoid facing that 2+ WS.

I don't have 28 Quarrellers painted, so will start on another set this week - or just make the front rank of each unit Quarrellers and the back rank Warriors with GW. 

Ogres @ 1200pts
List here is fairly simple - take whats painted-still its tricky to put a decent list together as the % restrictions hurt.  Unlike Dwarfs where L9 means you can leave a BSB behind Ogres at L7/8 really need a BSB. However, that means one of two things (1) Take a BSB but have less troops or (2) Don't take a BSB, have more bodies but run the risk of running away a lot,

Ogres with BSB
Butcher Level 1
w. Dispel Scroll, Dragonhelm, Ironfist
Bruiser BSB
w. Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armour, Sword of Striking, Dragonbane Gem
6 x Ironguts
w. Full command, Look out Gnoblar
3 x Bulls
w. Musician, Ironfists
3 x Bulls
w. Musician, Ironfists
3 x Mournfang
w. Musician, Heavy Armour, Ironfists

Total 1,192

5 deployments which isn't too bad, Butcher & Bruiser go with Ironguts who can deploy 4 across with BSB in front rank, or 3 across with both characters in the 2nd rank.  2 small units of Bulls are reasonably Ok, and Mournfang will be great as always.  Unfortunately 350pt max limits Irongut options somewhat. Alternatively there is always...

Ogres without a BSB
Butcher Level 1
w. Dispel Scroll, Dragonbane Gem, Ironfist
8 x Ironguts
w. Full command
3 x Ogres
w. Musician, Ironfists
3 x Ogres
w. Musician, Ironfists
2 x Mournfang
w. Musician, Ironfists, Heavy Armour
2 x Mournfang
w. Musician, Ironfists,Heavy Armour

Total 1,194
Size of Ironguts unit means I can keep the Butcher in the 2nd rank and I now have an extra unit of Mournfang to deploy so have some added flexibility.  Can't add SoD or LoG to Ironguts without breaching points limit for list and for unit itself.  Alternatively I can drop a unit of Ogres or go with a single unit of Mournfang to get the Butcher upto Level 2. 

Just have some testing to do with these lists before final submission next month...

September 15, 2012

Ogres Galore - Mournfang all done & WIP stuff

Mournfang Cavalry are all finished - could be tidier I suppose, but overall I am pretty happy with them especially after the terrible start I had painting the mounts.  Faces on  couple of them aren't as good as I would like, but the finished unit look good and fits in well with the rest of my army. 

Also completed the Leadbelcher to go with my Ironblaster and not far off finishing my Tyrant.  Leadbelchers and another unit of Bulls next and my Ogres are all done - going to need another project soon.

Not to worried about the detailing on the Ironblaster guy as most of the detail are hidden by the blaster itself, going to have to make up some reins to replace the plastic bits that I broke when assembling the model.

Aiming to take my Ogres to Vermintide in November which is a 1200pt 1-day WHFB event being run by Neil Williamson.  It will mean taking a day off cricket, but I think my old knees will appreciate the break :)

September 12, 2012

Ogre "Dunn" Dice

Just recieved these little beauties in the mail courtesy of Pete Dunn (Fields of Blood) they look great, have a nice weight to them and more importantly having been rolling a lot of 6's since I got them in the post this morning.  Great Maw is the '6'...

No game for me this week - going to have to spend the night painting instead, aiming to get the Mournfang finished tonight and then its onto the Tyrant and a 2nd unit of Bulls.

Also trying to get a couple of the local Orc n Goblin players let me paint some of their stuff, mainly as I am running out of Ogres to paint, really like green and really want to paint them. 

September 7, 2012

WHFB Battle Report - Ogres vs. Dwarfs

Managed to get a friendly game of WHFB in at the club last night, first one for some time, with my Ogres taking on Adam and his Dwarfs (ably supported by part of my own collection).  Think it was 3rd of our Ogre v Dwarf match-ups and I was 2-0 up going into this one.  The more I use Ogres the more I enjoy them and if I can get the OK ill bring them down to Vermintide which is the next WHFB tournament I should be able to make this year.  Our respective lists were
(Pictures are a bit rubbish as I was using my focus which cant focus worth a damn)

Ogres @ 2400
w. Heavy Armour, Ironfist, Sword of Strife, Dragonhelm, Opal Amulet
w. Heavy Armour, Biting Blade, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon, BSB
10 x Ironguts
w. Full command
6 x Bulls
w. Full command
6 x Bulls
w. Full command
6 x Bulls
w. Full command
4 x Mourfang
w. Full command, Banner of Swiftness

So 2,400pts exactly with no magic - its something I do on occassions when playing Adam as he often takes an Anvil of Doom so no magic negates 400+ pts of his army.  No shooting expect for Ironblaster as Leadbelchers were proxying as Bulls and Gorgers.

My Deployment - Majority of army on the right facing the Castled Dwarfs (boring).  I kept the Ironguts behind the Mournfang for some reason - forget why now.

The other flank - Bulls and the Ironblaster.  The flocked terrain bases are forests (just without trees.).The Dwarfs have a Bolt-Thrower in the building with 30 Quarrellers to the left of it and a Dragon Slayer to the right.  The other Dragon Slayers protect the flanks of the Stone-Throwers.

Up against my Ogres was a horde gunline Dwarf army consisting of:

w. Shieldbearers, RO Might, RO Speed, MR Spite, RO Preservation
w. MR Gromil, GW, RO Resistance
w. RO Stone, RO Spellbreaking x2, Shield
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
30 x Quarrellers
w. Full command, GW
30 x Quarrellers
w. Full command, GW
30 x Hammerers
w. Full command, MR Grungi
Stone Thrower
w. Engineer, 2 x RO Penetrating, RO Accuracy
Stone Thrower
w. Engineer, RO Penetrating, RO Accuracy, RO Burning
w. Engineer
w. Engineer

Unlike me Adam likes the gunline approach to his Dwarfs aiming to whittle down his opponents before the GW infantry go in for the kill - whereas I have 4 blocks of GW infantry and generally just march up the middle (or go left or right for a bit of difference).  This list was another modification of one he is trying to get sorted for tournament play and was reasonably balanced.  Dragon Slayers always appear in his lists and are a pain in the butt, but I was expect more of his usual tricks as Adam is very good at building challenging and offbeat Dwarf lists.  Lord w. Shieldbearers was a different choice - he was a staple of my 7th Ed lists as were the dual Bolt-Throwers (esp. as you could autokill chariots with a S7 shot) but these have largely fallen out of favour in 8th Ed.
Adam gets the first turn and immediately aims all his warmachines at the Ironblaster - damn LOS rules mean he can shoot through the forest - and manages to get it down to 2 Wounds.  Other shooting does a few wounds on the Mournfang and the painted Bulls.  I follow up by advancing straight at his castle - but forget to keep the Mournfang back out of charge range.  The Ironblaster gets some minor revenge killing 3 Hammerers but thats it for Turn 1.

Turn 2 and things get nasty as Adam being strangly aggressive charges the Mournfang with his Hammerer unit which includes the Lord and BSB.  The Lord issues a challenge which I accept but in the resulting combats the Mournfang manage to hang on - and dish out some serious damage in the melee.  In my Turn 2 the flanking Bulls charge in, but Adams Lord who cut down my Champion in the challenge goes Berko and in the resulting combat my units get creamed.  The sole surviving Mournfang and 2 Bulls both break and run away before being cut down by the pursuing Hammerers.
AH HA - The Hammerers chase to far and hit the Ironguts (I never seem to get a damn charge off) and Turn 3 starts with this combat and Adam reorientating his Quarrellers to face 2 of the Gorgers which have just popped up by the building on the left.  He also moves one Dragon Slayer forward to block the (unpainted) Bulls in the forest by his warmachines - but as it turns out doesnt move him far enough.  His other Quarreller unit also charges my 3rd Bull unit which opts to flee.
The Hammerers manage to survive for Adams turn but thats it and my Turn 3 starts with the (unpainted) Bulls charging a Bolt-Thrower just missing his Dragon Slayer and lining themselves up to overrun through his warmachines. The 3rd Gorger also comes on and pops up right between his Stone Throwers - which in the previous turn managed to kill one Gorger landing a Stone right on its head.
My Butcher proxying as a Gorger pops up in a helfpul place

But the Hammerers get squashed. Our respesctive BSB's duke it out with Adams getting killed along with the rest of the Hammerers in the resulting melee and the Lord all by himself fails his Leadership (he needed double 1's), breaks and is run down.  Unfortunately, the Gut-Bus doesnt pursue far enough to hit the flank of the Quarrellers.
Turn 4 and the Quarrellers and Dragon Slayer catch up with my 3rd Bull unit which doesnt last very long, is killed off, chased down and wiped out.  The Gorger meanwhile gets pinged by a Bolt-Thrower but manages to hang around doing very little.

Victorious Dwarfs cut down the fleeing Bulls
But then things go my way - the remaining Bull unit kills off the Bolt-Thrower and overruns into one of the Stone Throwers, and I then get off a successful charge by the Ironguts into the Quarrellers, with the Gorger joining in as well.  Shooting kills off a single Irongut and they go stomping in, the Gorger getting D3 impact hits because of a high dice roll.

The resulting combat isnt very pretty - for the Dwarfs- and the next picture shows the pile of Dwarven casualties from the 1st round of combat, a round in which not a single Ogre is killed.
The Ironguts and Gorger pursue the few remaining Quarrellers but dont quite make it into the other Stonethrower.  At that point we pretty much call it game over as with only 1 unit of 30 Quarrellers left, his other infantry dead along with his BSB and General, and all of his Warmachines about to go with them (the 2nd Gorger was set up to charge the building mounted Bolt-Thrower) there wasn't really anywhere for Adams army to go.
A quick game and a fun one, really wish I started Ogre's years ago so much fun.  Probably not many more games for me over the next few months as the club is exceptionally quiet at the moment WHFB wise, and Cricket season starts up next month which generally means I stop gaming and focus on nothing but painting.