September 18, 2012

Dwarf & Ogre Tournament Lists - 1200pts for Vermintide

Got the OK to head down for Vermintide in November a one-day 1200pt tournament.  Planning on taking my Ogres, but have a decent fall back list for Dwarfs ready to go. Number of restrictions in place for the event that affect Ogres and Dwarfs including (1) No unit over 350pts, (2) No double rares over 70pts, (3) Max 1 auto-dispel item and (4) Max 3 warmachines, 2 for 1's not included.

Question remains - what do I take Dwarfs or Ogres??

Dwarfs @ 1200pts
Dwarfs are easy at this points level.  Despite the benefits of BSB under 8th Edition, I'll be sticking to my 7th Ed thinking for Dwarfs under 1500pts and going with a Runesmith General as my only character.  Prospective army list for event is:

w. Shield, Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking, Ro Furnace, MR Challenge

25 x Warrior Rangers
w. Full command, GW

14 x Quarrellers
w. Musician, GW

14 x Quarrellers
w. Musician, GW

14 x Hammerers
w. Full command, MR Grungi

w. Engineer, RO Forging, RO Burning

Total 1,199 pts

MR Grungi was almost mandatory in 7th given the plethora of shooting you faced, that and RO Courage on Longbeard units to prevent the auto-rout when outnumbered by Fear causers.  In 8th its falling into disuse with my lists, but in a small game every bit of protection counts.

Single Runesmith still gives some powerful anti-magic defence +1DD for taking him and +2 to Dispel rolls and he has reasonable protection with a 2+AS and 2+WS vs. Flaming attacks.

Warrior Rangers give me some flexibility when it comes to deployment especially as it lets me plonk down my biggest block after my opponents army is fully deployed (scouts excluded of course).  Playing aggressively I can also (provided I dont get first turn) charge with them in Turn 1 which is always fun.

Considering taking 2 Bolt-Throwers instead of the Cannon one with flaming attacks the other at S7, but honestly even in 7th the damn things kept missing all the time and you can't beat S10 - although I expect the nasty stuff to come equipped with Dragonhelm or Dragonbane gem so might drop the burning rune to avoid facing that 2+ WS.

I don't have 28 Quarrellers painted, so will start on another set this week - or just make the front rank of each unit Quarrellers and the back rank Warriors with GW. 

Ogres @ 1200pts
List here is fairly simple - take whats painted-still its tricky to put a decent list together as the % restrictions hurt.  Unlike Dwarfs where L9 means you can leave a BSB behind Ogres at L7/8 really need a BSB. However, that means one of two things (1) Take a BSB but have less troops or (2) Don't take a BSB, have more bodies but run the risk of running away a lot,

Ogres with BSB
Butcher Level 1
w. Dispel Scroll, Dragonhelm, Ironfist
Bruiser BSB
w. Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armour, Sword of Striking, Dragonbane Gem
6 x Ironguts
w. Full command, Look out Gnoblar
3 x Bulls
w. Musician, Ironfists
3 x Bulls
w. Musician, Ironfists
3 x Mournfang
w. Musician, Heavy Armour, Ironfists

Total 1,192

5 deployments which isn't too bad, Butcher & Bruiser go with Ironguts who can deploy 4 across with BSB in front rank, or 3 across with both characters in the 2nd rank.  2 small units of Bulls are reasonably Ok, and Mournfang will be great as always.  Unfortunately 350pt max limits Irongut options somewhat. Alternatively there is always...

Ogres without a BSB
Butcher Level 1
w. Dispel Scroll, Dragonbane Gem, Ironfist
8 x Ironguts
w. Full command
3 x Ogres
w. Musician, Ironfists
3 x Ogres
w. Musician, Ironfists
2 x Mournfang
w. Musician, Ironfists, Heavy Armour
2 x Mournfang
w. Musician, Ironfists,Heavy Armour

Total 1,194
Size of Ironguts unit means I can keep the Butcher in the 2nd rank and I now have an extra unit of Mournfang to deploy so have some added flexibility.  Can't add SoD or LoG to Ironguts without breaching points limit for list and for unit itself.  Alternatively I can drop a unit of Ogres or go with a single unit of Mournfang to get the Butcher upto Level 2. 

Just have some testing to do with these lists before final submission next month...

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