September 12, 2012

Ogre "Dunn" Dice

Just recieved these little beauties in the mail courtesy of Pete Dunn (Fields of Blood) they look great, have a nice weight to them and more importantly having been rolling a lot of 6's since I got them in the post this morning.  Great Maw is the '6'...

No game for me this week - going to have to spend the night painting instead, aiming to get the Mournfang finished tonight and then its onto the Tyrant and a 2nd unit of Bulls.

Also trying to get a couple of the local Orc n Goblin players let me paint some of their stuff, mainly as I am running out of Ogres to paint, really like green and really want to paint them. 


Foolish_Hyena said...

Those are awesome! Where might other get some for their ogres?

John Murrie said...

Pete got them custom made think he had to order a bulk lot to make them cheaper - you can find him over at

or click on link in the post