September 28, 2012

Ogre Leadbelchers - WIP

My next Ogre project is taking shape quite rapidly in the form of 4 Leadbelchers and another group of Bulls on the side.  Not many models left after that just another 4 Leadbelchers and 24 Gnoblars and I'm all done.  Consequently, I've been offering to help out my club mates with their painting starting with some of Savage Orcs which should be fun as I like painting green.  I am going to have to buy a Firebelly, a Slaughtermaster and a Thundertusk at some point though.

Anyway, as I think I've discussed before my painting process is pretty simple and you can bang out a unit of these guys in 3-4 nights with 2-3 hours painting each night easy..

Night One
Dwarf Flesh around entire torso, head etc not worrying about covering any details like leather straps working on getting an even coat.  Any lost details will come out in the wash so to speak.

 Bolt-gun metal on the armour and leadbelcher gun itself

Codex grey on half of the pants, facial and head hair. Then Scab red on the other half of the pants & Scorched brown on the belts, boots and any large leather areas.

Ah the wonder that is Flesh Wash the long extinct super-wash that I will not be able to live without once my few remaining mls are gone.  It gets applied liberally all over the Dwarf flesh areas, Badab Black goes over the Bolt-Gun metal and then nothing more is done for that night to give the washes time to dry.

Night Two
Time for the detailing, I'm fairly impatient and dont wait anywhere near as long as I should between painting different layers on things.  Basically once something is dryish to the touch I bung the next lot of paint on it.

Doing the flesh is easy - Dwarf Flesh everywhere except the deep recesses, then Elf Flesh on the raised areas followed by a liberal coat of Ogryn Flesh Wash.  However, before I do the Dwarf Flesh I apply Skull White to the eyeballs and teeth. 

Also applied another layer of Scab red to the pants and to the flames on the sticks in each Ogres mouth, followed by a layer of Blood Red.  The grey areas of the pants then got a layer of Fortress Grey. 

Tomorrow night Ill finish painting the rest of each model including the base and on night four complete the basing.  Used the same process for the Bulls below except for Snot Green going on the pants instead of Scab Red.
Not sure why but my colour scheme for the pants in my Ogre army so far has been:
  • Bulls & Mournfang - Green/White
  • Leadbelchers & Ironguts - Red/White
  • Heroes/Lords - Blue/White
 Overall, its not a bad look...


David Kanenwisher said...

very awesome, I really love the first picture

Sam said...

Hi John. I have a full old Flesh wash that I never use if you want it.

John Murrie said...

Hi Sam that would be awesome very much appreciated - ill be down in WN again for Vermintide. Are you attending??