September 24, 2012

Ogres vs. Dwarfs & Empire 1200pt Battle Reports

Managed to get two games in last Thursday as part of 1200pt Round Robin at my local club.  Match-ups and results that night were:

Round 1 - Dawn Attack
Ogres (Me) vs. Dwarfs (Adam) - Dwarfs win
Empire (Reagan) vs. Orcs (Brendan) - Empire wins
Skaven (Jeff) vs. Lizardmen (Caleb) - Lizards win

Round 2 - Meeting Engagement
Ogres vs. Empire - Empire wins
Dwarfs vs. Orcs - Dwarfs win

Round 1 vs. Dwarfs
Random draw for Round 1 which was played using Dawn attack and I drew Adam and his Dwarfs.  In the end I decided to go with my Butcher/Bruiser BSB list with a single unit of Mournfang.  Adam's list contained a lot of shooting - 2 units of Quarrellers and a couple of Bolt-Throwers plus two big blocks of infantry.  Random deployment was reasonably helpful as I was less spaced out than Adam and also got the first turn.

The opening couple of turns went incredibly quickly as there was no point chucking magic Adams way with my solitary L1, and as I didnt have any shooting after the Ironblaster got skewered in Adams first turn.  Basically I rushed the Bulls and Mournfang at his main line while keeping the Characters and Ironguts back to wait for Adams big block of warriors.  Only problem was that his shooting took down 1/2 the Irongut unit before it even got close the Dwarf battleline.
Initial combats are average at best, the Bulls fail to kill off the Bolt-Thrower crew who they charged clipping the Quarrellers at the same time (thus avoiding a stand and shoot from the Quarrellers).  The Mournfang then went into the Quarrellers but clipped the Warriors and the resulting combat dragged on for a few rounds longer than it should have.  While the Quarrellers and Bolt-Thrower got munched I lost 2/3 Mournfang to Dwarf GW and things weren't looking too good.

Turn 4 I think and things go peared shape, the sole remaining Mournfang flees from combat with the Warriors after the Bulls who were going to charge into the Dwarfs flank were cut down by Adams remaining shooting units and fled.  While Adam kept making save after save the Mournfang couldnt save a thing.
Turn 5 the big Warrior block hits the Ironguts and over the next 2 rounds pretty much wipes them out before chasing them down.  The sole remaining Mournfang also flees as a result

Not a pretty way to end the match with only a solitary Mournfang and a unit of 3 Bulls on the table and only a dead Bolt-Thrower (60pts) and 10 dead Quarrellers to show for it.  Lack of shooting on my part really hurt, as did the lack of a WS on my BSB.

Result - Loss 

Round 2 vs. Empire
First game against Reagan for a long-time and he had a nasty looking list.  A L2 mage with Fire, several big blocks of infantry but more importantly a Great Cannon, a Hellblaster and some outriders to cause damage.  Only one of his units ended up coming on in reserve whereas nearly all of mine did - only the BSB, Ironguts and a unit of Bulls starting on the board.

Deployment showing my massive disadvantage in initial numbers soon made more difficult as Reagans shooting and magic Gutted (HA HA) my Ironguts.
Having no choice I just march everyone forward hoping for the best - and wait for the reinforcments to come on, angling for the GreatSword unit and the Empire mage (mounted on the horse and going solo).

Woohoo my Reinforcements arrive but they dont stay for long - not able to March or Charge they simple trot up slowly but are pretty well placed to hit the flank of Reagans army.  I'm just hoping my Ironblaster can kill off the Hellblaster.
 Meanwhile two IF Fireballs both at 3D6 have wiped out the Ironguts leaving the BSB all alone, but the Bruiser being hungry charges on anyway - both he and the Bulls charging the Greatswords and Empire General.

Well, the Bulls would have charged by Outrider shooting kills two of them leaving the Bellower all alone, and he fails his charge leaving the Bruiser all by himself.
While all alone the Bruiser actually does pretty well hitting and wounding on 2's he's basically killing 5 guys every round while just (JUST) making his own saving throws.
Meanwhile on the other side of the board the Ironblaster shoots at the Hellblaster and goes to far, and for its trouble is blasted by a Cannon Ball and destroyed.  The Mournfang then hit by the Hellblaster lose 1 panic and flee off the board leaving the Butcher all alone with 3 Bulls.
What the hell I charge in anyway aiming for the Hellbalster and clipping the men at arms detachment guarding it.  The Hellblaster dies quickly and Reagan has to rotate his troops to face the Bull/Buther combo
Meanwhile on the right the Bruiser has been joined by a solitary Bull and together they have cut down around 1/2 of the Greatsword unit and the Brusier still has 1 wound left (somehow).

 But this kind of luck cant last forever and despite reducing a unit of 30 Greatswords down to 8 the Brusier eventually buys it as does the flanking Bull.  On the other side the Butcher is also left alone and as the last remaining Ogre decides to runaway and hide in a vain attempt to call the battle off.

End result - I got slaughtered - probably shouldnt have deployed so close to the Hellblaster :(

Same lists this week as we agreed not to change them 1st game (Round 3) is against Brendans Black Orc themed list.  For Vermintide though I am going to have to make some list changes - the BSB needs a WS and I need some shooting.

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