October 20, 2012

Ogre 1200pts Tournament List

Emailed off my army list for Vermintide on November 17th.  Figured I'd just send in a slight variation of what I've been using the last few weeks as with the start of cricket season I wont be getting anymore play testing in before the event.  List restrictions were based on Pete Dunns standard comp system but with some extras due to the 1200pt limit.  The big one was the limit of 350pts on the size of any one unit - I guess aiming to prevent people taking huge Death Star units.  But 350pts will still give many armies a crapload of bodies and some big nasty units e.g. Skaven, Lizards, Beasts, Vampires & Goblins.

There were a few army specific restrictions as well but nothing that affected Ogres.  My list for the event is going to be:

w. Level 2 upgrade, Lore of Great Maw, Ironfist
w. Battle Standard, Heavy Armour, Ironfist, Sword of Striking, Ironcurse Icon
5 x Ironguts
w. Full command, Lookout Gnoblar, Standard of Discipline
3 x Bulls
w. Bellower, Ironfists
3 x Bulls
w. Bellower, Ironfists
3 x Mournfang
w. Full Command, Brace of Pistols, Ironfists, Heavy Armour, Banner of Eternal Flame

TOTAL 1,199pts 
Lack of Dispel Scroll may cost me and I wanted to stick 3 Leadbelchers in but its hard to fit everything into 1200pts, but I think this will be fairly competitive just depends on how well I use it.  Will see if I can put an army display tray together before the 17th as well - something simple anyway.

October 17, 2012

WIP - Ogre Leadbelchers

Making good progress on the first of two units of Ogre Leadbelchers.  Decided to add some extra detailing by putting cotton wool into two of the guns to simulate them firing. 

Only partially finished intend to add a few Spears, Axes and Swords from my bitz box to them and paint the cotton wool to make it look more realistic and a lot dirty.  Should be cool when its done.

Really liking the model with his tongue hanging out, nice when they sculpt in those extra little details. 

Tomorrow night at the club something a little different, after reading some of my old battle reports I've set up another 'War of the Beard' grudge match with my High Elves vs. Adams Dwarfs.  Match up is going to use the following rules:
  • War of Beard rules from White Dwarf inc. army comp rules, magic items and special characters.
  • 8th Edition magic lores.
  • 8th Edition play rules.
  • Army book magic items only, none from the 8th Ed rulebook.
  • 3000pts
Putting a list together is going to be interesting and game promises to be a lot of fun.

October 16, 2012

Painting to be in awe of!!!

Sometimes when trawling the net you come across something that just makes you stop and stare.  No more so when you see the level of skill and effort some wargamers put into their painting.  For Warhammer the Golden Demon awards provide a constant source of amazement, but if you truly want to see amazing painting then you have to look at Flames of War.  Painted on 15mm figures no bigger than my thumbnail the amount of detail and depth some people get into their figures is unbelievable.  My painting has come a long way in 4 years, but honestly I would have to devote myself 24/7 until I was old and grey to even approach the following examples from the FOW forums.

As you have to be registered to view the forums I just had to post some of the results of this guys work here.  All I know is that his forum name is WPB and his work is awe inspiring, simply awe inspiring...

Remember this stuff is ALL 15mm!!!!!!!!




October 12, 2012

Never check your bitz box

Did some tidying last night after getting home from the club and pulled out my box of unpainted models, most of them anyway, and got a shock when I saw just how many there were.  Went through my other collections as well particularly my High Elves and saw that I still had a few unfinished units to work on.  Seems my painting list is still quite long - probably get longer too if I win 2 auctions Im bidding for on Trade Me for another 50 odd Dwarfs....

So what have we got:
  • 8 x Dwarf Hammerers
  • 3 x Dwarf Slayers
  • 20 x Dwarf Warriors (to be converted into Quarrellers)
  • Dwarf Engineer
  • Dwarf unit filler
  • 10 x High Elf Dragon Princes (5 only need white areas finished)
  • 5 x High Elf Ellyrian Reavers
  • High Elf Griffon (which Ill probably never do as I cant see myself using it)
  • 10 x IOB High Elf Swordmasters
  • 10 x IOB High Elf Seaguard (5 pretty much finished)
  • Anith Anar the Shadow King
  • 5 x High Elf Phoenix Guard
  • 2 x High Elf White Lions
  • 22 x Gnoblars
  • 6 x Ogre Bulls (2 missing arms GRRR!!!)
  • 1 x Ogre Bull Banner
  • 8 x Ogre Leadbelchers
Oh and theres also a few FOW figures/units laying around (e.g. Nebelwerfer Platoon), and the 50 odd Dwarfs I should win on Trade Me and the Savage Orcs I said Id paint for a mate.  At least Ill be busy over the cricket season though when the local weather acts true to form and rains non-stop...

Ogres vs. Lizardmen

Two good games against Calebs Skink horde @ 1200pts last night. My first list took a L3 Slaughtermaster, Ironguts, Bulls, IB and 4 Mournfang but dropped the BSB.  2nd list brought back the BSB but had to settle for a L1 Butcher.  Learned a few things from each game:
  • Not having a BSB doesn't work.
  • If your BSB is in the 2nd rank of an Ogre unit he doesn't need as much protection (cheers Caleb for pointing that out) so I can buff up the Butcher to L2.
  • The L1 Butcher needs to be L2.
  • Mournfang only work if you get them into combat
  • Oh and Mournfang are Movement 8" not movement 6" like the rest of the army DUH!!! Been playing them wrong since I got them....
  • Keep your units together and don't be in such a rush to charge forward - combined charges as Pete pointed out to me earlier in the year is the best way to go.
  • The Ironblaster can be very disappointing - contemplating not taking it.
  • Need to stick some Leadbelchers in to help in the shooting phase.
Anway I lost the first game after I made a simple mistake with my Mournfang and Calebs Skink horde shot me to bits. 2nd game was a bit closer but again the Mournfang were out of combat too long although I did a lot more damage.  Anyway heres some pics from last nights games....





October 10, 2012

WHFB Battle Report - Ogres vs. Orcs @ 1200pts

I played this a couple of weeks ago but havent really had the enthusiasm to post the details till now - I think part of it is I'm just not as immersed in the fluff of Ogre Kingdoms as I am in that of Dwarfs and High Elves, hence the lack of any form of story etc in my Ogre Battle Reports.  Anyway hopefully the pictures say enough. Scenario was Watchtower, I controlled it and placed a unit of 3 Bulls inside it and Brendan went first.  His force was pretty good, reasonably well balanced and stronger in magic.  It also had the benefit of a Doom Diver which wasn't going to do my Mournfang any good if it hit them.

Deployment showing how small a 1200pt Ogre army can be.  The nastiest thing in Brendans list was the massive block of Black Orcs complete with a Big Boss BSB and a Big Boss General.
TURN 1 - Brendan charges the Watchtower and wipes out the Bulls inside it occupying it with a unit of Big-Uns.  The Black Orcs surge forward with the Doom Diver missing everyone, and his magic (luckily for me as he had the horrible spells from the Big Waugh) didnt go off.
Damn I got lucky here - my L1 Butcher only had one spell and rolled for the Great Maw.  I got 10 Dice and chucked 6 of them at the big template version of the spell getting an IF.
The end result of the miscast S10 hits and wounds on 2 Bulls and the Butcher.  The Butcher then rolled a D6 against the Lore of Great Maw, gets a 1 and takes another wound *sigh*
But success - the Great Maw takes off nearly 1/2 of the Black Orc unit so great result for the Butcher
Turn 2 - The Black Orcs charge the Ironguts who choose to flee as they would have been slaughtered in the resulting combat.  The Black Orcs attempt to re-direct, pass the L/ship test but fail the charge stopping short of the Butcher and his accompanying Bulls.
The Mournfang and Ironguts are doing stuff all so its all up to the Butcher and the Ironblaster.  They charge the Black Orcs but unfortunately dont get 10+ needed to get D3 impact hits. 
Combat is brutal as you would expect - Im just loving Impact hits, multiple attacks and then Stomp simply awesome.  But I still lose 2 Bulls and the Butcher.  I take out 1/2 the remaining Black Orcs and only just pass my Leadership test to stay. 
The Big Uns move out of the building (with the Shaman) and head toward the recently rallied Ironguts, meanwhile the stupid Mournfang arent doing anything except watch a Wolf Chariot.
Run away!!!!!
Swift reforming Mournfang are now set to hit the Big Uns, the Black Orcs meanwhile have chosen not to charge the Ironblaster which has managed somehow to rally.
Stupid Doom Diver takes out 1/2 the Ironguts unit
Big Uns charge the Mournfang in the front, and the Wolf Chariot hits them in the flank.  This is going to be interesting.
Say Goodbye to the Ironblaster, but still its taken out a few more Black Orcs.
Mournfang are AWESOME!!! The Big Uns get annihilated and the Wolf Chariot goes bye bye really quick.
The Mournfang finish off the Big Uns and kill the Shaman and Brendans army is now down to a dozen or so Black Orcs and his General (the BSB was killed by the Bulls/Ironblaster combo).  Using the scenario rules (based on Vermintides) random turns ends the game - but if it had gone another turn it wouldnt have gone well for the Orcs me thinks.

Loving the Ogres - wished I started them years ago....  still I cant for the live of me figure out how to construct at 1200pt list that is going to be Tournament competitive.  Might fall back on Dwarfs if I can't figure anything out.