October 12, 2012

Never check your bitz box

Did some tidying last night after getting home from the club and pulled out my box of unpainted models, most of them anyway, and got a shock when I saw just how many there were.  Went through my other collections as well particularly my High Elves and saw that I still had a few unfinished units to work on.  Seems my painting list is still quite long - probably get longer too if I win 2 auctions Im bidding for on Trade Me for another 50 odd Dwarfs....

So what have we got:
  • 8 x Dwarf Hammerers
  • 3 x Dwarf Slayers
  • 20 x Dwarf Warriors (to be converted into Quarrellers)
  • Dwarf Engineer
  • Dwarf unit filler
  • 10 x High Elf Dragon Princes (5 only need white areas finished)
  • 5 x High Elf Ellyrian Reavers
  • High Elf Griffon (which Ill probably never do as I cant see myself using it)
  • 10 x IOB High Elf Swordmasters
  • 10 x IOB High Elf Seaguard (5 pretty much finished)
  • Anith Anar the Shadow King
  • 5 x High Elf Phoenix Guard
  • 2 x High Elf White Lions
  • 22 x Gnoblars
  • 6 x Ogre Bulls (2 missing arms GRRR!!!)
  • 1 x Ogre Bull Banner
  • 8 x Ogre Leadbelchers
Oh and theres also a few FOW figures/units laying around (e.g. Nebelwerfer Platoon), and the 50 odd Dwarfs I should win on Trade Me and the Savage Orcs I said Id paint for a mate.  At least Ill be busy over the cricket season though when the local weather acts true to form and rains non-stop...

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