October 20, 2012

Ogre 1200pts Tournament List

Emailed off my army list for Vermintide on November 17th.  Figured I'd just send in a slight variation of what I've been using the last few weeks as with the start of cricket season I wont be getting anymore play testing in before the event.  List restrictions were based on Pete Dunns standard comp system but with some extras due to the 1200pt limit.  The big one was the limit of 350pts on the size of any one unit - I guess aiming to prevent people taking huge Death Star units.  But 350pts will still give many armies a crapload of bodies and some big nasty units e.g. Skaven, Lizards, Beasts, Vampires & Goblins.

There were a few army specific restrictions as well but nothing that affected Ogres.  My list for the event is going to be:

w. Level 2 upgrade, Lore of Great Maw, Ironfist
w. Battle Standard, Heavy Armour, Ironfist, Sword of Striking, Ironcurse Icon
5 x Ironguts
w. Full command, Lookout Gnoblar, Standard of Discipline
3 x Bulls
w. Bellower, Ironfists
3 x Bulls
w. Bellower, Ironfists
3 x Mournfang
w. Full Command, Brace of Pistols, Ironfists, Heavy Armour, Banner of Eternal Flame

TOTAL 1,199pts 
Lack of Dispel Scroll may cost me and I wanted to stick 3 Leadbelchers in but its hard to fit everything into 1200pts, but I think this will be fairly competitive just depends on how well I use it.  Will see if I can put an army display tray together before the 17th as well - something simple anyway.

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