October 5, 2012

Ogre wound allocation? Is this gamey?

Had another great game with my Ogres last night (pictures from that game and last weeks couple up next week), but it did raise a question on my drive home.

Say a unit of 3 Ogre Bulls (without command) is fighting in combat against a rank and file opponent.  Their opponent strikes first and causes 3 unsaved wounds. 

Q.  How do you allocate the wounds?

My standard practice is to allocate all 3 wounds to one model and remove them from play.  In this example that would leave me with 2 Bulls making 6 attacks back.

But an alternative approach would be to allocate the wounds eveningly one to each model, removing none from play and leaving me with 3 Bulls making 9 attacks back.

Q. Which wound allocation method is the required by the rules?
Q. Which do you follow?
Q. If the 2nd approach isn't illegal would you consider it to be gamey?

I'd be interested in peoples comments


Sam said...

As they are all RnF, I am pretty sure you have to remove whole models when able.

Wallshammer said...

That is unfortunately wrong and illegal. You HAVE to allocate it to one model. You remove as many whole models as possible, all the time. P51 references how to remove casualties, the same as shooting, which is on page 45

Hoodling said...

The way you have been doing it is correct. You can't have 2 wounded multi-wound models of the same type in a unit - the wounded one dies before the next one starts being hurt. The only exception to this is when you have a champion, who is technically a separate target, so can be wounded even though there may already be wounds on the unit as a whole.

This side of things is relatively straightforward and covered in the rulebook. Slightly less intuitive is how things like cannonballs work - things that can kill an ogre outright. In that case you roll for the number of wounds and if it will kill an ogre from scatch, you remove a whole ogre and leave any previous wounds still on the unit. If the cannonball only does 1 or 2 wounds, it will hit the already wounded guy instead, killing him without wounds carrying over (so a cannon doing 2 wounds would kill your ogre with 1 wound remaining, and the extra wound would be lost)...

John Murrie said...

Glad to know Ive always been playing it correctly.

I'd just looked at it from a realism point of view that if 10 Humans fought 3 Ogres and 3 of those humans wounded an Ogre the chance of those 3 guys all fighting the same one are only about 1/3, so realistically you'd spread the wounds around.

But I prefer taking models off...

The dilemma comes though when you get spells and miscast effects that wound individual models e.g. every model under the template takes a S10 hit and you have 3 Ogres under it, and they take 3, do you take off 1 Ogre or apply 1 wound to 3 models (which in this instance is how I would do it).