October 12, 2012

Ogres vs. Lizardmen

Two good games against Calebs Skink horde @ 1200pts last night. My first list took a L3 Slaughtermaster, Ironguts, Bulls, IB and 4 Mournfang but dropped the BSB.  2nd list brought back the BSB but had to settle for a L1 Butcher.  Learned a few things from each game:
  • Not having a BSB doesn't work.
  • If your BSB is in the 2nd rank of an Ogre unit he doesn't need as much protection (cheers Caleb for pointing that out) so I can buff up the Butcher to L2.
  • The L1 Butcher needs to be L2.
  • Mournfang only work if you get them into combat
  • Oh and Mournfang are Movement 8" not movement 6" like the rest of the army DUH!!! Been playing them wrong since I got them....
  • Keep your units together and don't be in such a rush to charge forward - combined charges as Pete pointed out to me earlier in the year is the best way to go.
  • The Ironblaster can be very disappointing - contemplating not taking it.
  • Need to stick some Leadbelchers in to help in the shooting phase.
Anway I lost the first game after I made a simple mistake with my Mournfang and Calebs Skink horde shot me to bits. 2nd game was a bit closer but again the Mournfang were out of combat too long although I did a lot more damage.  Anyway heres some pics from last nights games....





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Neil said...

How about trying 2 units if two mounfang.
It will give you more flexibility, you can always combo charge for the same effect as a unit of 4, you can threaten flanks more easiliy, tighter turning circle, and you can threaten at two points of the battlefield not just one.