October 16, 2012

Painting to be in awe of!!!

Sometimes when trawling the net you come across something that just makes you stop and stare.  No more so when you see the level of skill and effort some wargamers put into their painting.  For Warhammer the Golden Demon awards provide a constant source of amazement, but if you truly want to see amazing painting then you have to look at Flames of War.  Painted on 15mm figures no bigger than my thumbnail the amount of detail and depth some people get into their figures is unbelievable.  My painting has come a long way in 4 years, but honestly I would have to devote myself 24/7 until I was old and grey to even approach the following examples from the FOW forums.

As you have to be registered to view the forums I just had to post some of the results of this guys work here.  All I know is that his forum name is WPB and his work is awe inspiring, simply awe inspiring...

Remember this stuff is ALL 15mm!!!!!!!!





Simon Switzer said...

Those are some really fantastic looking models.

Only a matter of time till we are like that!

Allan and Carmen said...

WPB is a painting legend but gee his basing is messy.

I can see where some of the sand/pumice he has used has overlapped the bases edges.

Very sloppy ;-)

He should give them to me and I will give him some new models to start over again!

I have missed some of his latest posts unfortunately. He has a gift to make each base look incredible and as a platoon tell a story e.g. German Fallschirmjager Pioneers assaulting through concrete tank traps etc..

How he manages to fit so much on a base without overdoing it astounds me.

WPB scratch built a German Enigma machine as part of a scenic Objective Marker.

Love it or hate it he has pushed me to paint better in 15mm.

Having said that I have not finished painting a Flames of War Army for some time.

Great photos!



John Murrie said...

I came across his stuff for the first time today while procrastinating at work.

Other guys whose work I really admire are Tom Wise and Crac des Chevaliers (Crac des Chevaliers.blogspot.com) whose painting is of a similar style to this.

Ppl who scratch build stuff just blow my mind - really wish WPB would start a website with a step by step video/image tutorial of his techniques.

Anonymous said...

Also Heresy painting tanks... for me he is the best.