October 10, 2012

WHFB Battle Report - Ogres vs. Orcs @ 1200pts

I played this a couple of weeks ago but havent really had the enthusiasm to post the details till now - I think part of it is I'm just not as immersed in the fluff of Ogre Kingdoms as I am in that of Dwarfs and High Elves, hence the lack of any form of story etc in my Ogre Battle Reports.  Anyway hopefully the pictures say enough. Scenario was Watchtower, I controlled it and placed a unit of 3 Bulls inside it and Brendan went first.  His force was pretty good, reasonably well balanced and stronger in magic.  It also had the benefit of a Doom Diver which wasn't going to do my Mournfang any good if it hit them.

Deployment showing how small a 1200pt Ogre army can be.  The nastiest thing in Brendans list was the massive block of Black Orcs complete with a Big Boss BSB and a Big Boss General.
TURN 1 - Brendan charges the Watchtower and wipes out the Bulls inside it occupying it with a unit of Big-Uns.  The Black Orcs surge forward with the Doom Diver missing everyone, and his magic (luckily for me as he had the horrible spells from the Big Waugh) didnt go off.
Damn I got lucky here - my L1 Butcher only had one spell and rolled for the Great Maw.  I got 10 Dice and chucked 6 of them at the big template version of the spell getting an IF.
The end result of the miscast S10 hits and wounds on 2 Bulls and the Butcher.  The Butcher then rolled a D6 against the Lore of Great Maw, gets a 1 and takes another wound *sigh*
But success - the Great Maw takes off nearly 1/2 of the Black Orc unit so great result for the Butcher
Turn 2 - The Black Orcs charge the Ironguts who choose to flee as they would have been slaughtered in the resulting combat.  The Black Orcs attempt to re-direct, pass the L/ship test but fail the charge stopping short of the Butcher and his accompanying Bulls.
The Mournfang and Ironguts are doing stuff all so its all up to the Butcher and the Ironblaster.  They charge the Black Orcs but unfortunately dont get 10+ needed to get D3 impact hits. 
Combat is brutal as you would expect - Im just loving Impact hits, multiple attacks and then Stomp simply awesome.  But I still lose 2 Bulls and the Butcher.  I take out 1/2 the remaining Black Orcs and only just pass my Leadership test to stay. 
The Big Uns move out of the building (with the Shaman) and head toward the recently rallied Ironguts, meanwhile the stupid Mournfang arent doing anything except watch a Wolf Chariot.
Run away!!!!!
Swift reforming Mournfang are now set to hit the Big Uns, the Black Orcs meanwhile have chosen not to charge the Ironblaster which has managed somehow to rally.
Stupid Doom Diver takes out 1/2 the Ironguts unit
Big Uns charge the Mournfang in the front, and the Wolf Chariot hits them in the flank.  This is going to be interesting.
Say Goodbye to the Ironblaster, but still its taken out a few more Black Orcs.
Mournfang are AWESOME!!! The Big Uns get annihilated and the Wolf Chariot goes bye bye really quick.
The Mournfang finish off the Big Uns and kill the Shaman and Brendans army is now down to a dozen or so Black Orcs and his General (the BSB was killed by the Bulls/Ironblaster combo).  Using the scenario rules (based on Vermintides) random turns ends the game - but if it had gone another turn it wouldnt have gone well for the Orcs me thinks.

Loving the Ogres - wished I started them years ago....  still I cant for the live of me figure out how to construct at 1200pt list that is going to be Tournament competitive.  Might fall back on Dwarfs if I can't figure anything out.


Hobby Horse said...

Agree with your opening comment, it's hard to commit to an army if you don't dig the fluff.

Vilicate said...

I did very well at a recent 1k tournament with the following:

Butcher w/ Stubborn Crown and Great Weapon
7 Ironguts w/ Banner of Discipline, FC
4 Bulls w/ 2 HW and Std
4 Mournfangs w/ Std and Ice Drake Banner

Then you could just add the Ironblaster and be good to go. Pretty close to what you already had though.

Sam said...

I thought Ogre fluff was "push it forward FTW"?

John Murrie said...

@ Hobby - dont get me wrong I love the army, but just have more afinity with the Dwarf fluff. That and my creative streak seems to have deserted me lately :(

@ Vilicate - Ill give that a go and modify it to 1200pts. How did you go without the BSB though?

@ Sam - thats pretty much how I play every army ;)

Vilicate said...

No big deal. Remember than the Ironguts are still Ld9 with the banner, so I'm not really that frightened of them running off. Everything else should only be supporting (the Bulls and Ironblaster) or can maim most anything that they can stick on the table at that point level (the Guts and Mournfangs)

Darth Weasel said...

I am one for the other side...could not care less about any of the fluff, just think the game system is a really good one.

With that said, what was your opponent thinking leaving the watchtower? Saw a couple strange choices in there. In that scenario, all that matters is holding the objective and leaving it voluntarily is seldom a good choice...nor is failing to attack it at every opportunity.

Then again, you mentioned Vermintide which may have special rules or something that change the value of achieving the objective?

John Murrie said...

@ Darth - Vermintides a 1200pt tournament Im attending next month. Standard New Zealand rules see the Watchtower give you an extra 400VP rather than an auto win. But honestly we just like throwing dice when we play so sitting in a tower isnt much fun.

@ Villi - ill give a non BSB list a go and see what happens. Have till 9th Nov to submit my list so 3 more games before then hopefully