October 17, 2012

WIP - Ogre Leadbelchers

Making good progress on the first of two units of Ogre Leadbelchers.  Decided to add some extra detailing by putting cotton wool into two of the guns to simulate them firing. 

Only partially finished intend to add a few Spears, Axes and Swords from my bitz box to them and paint the cotton wool to make it look more realistic and a lot dirty.  Should be cool when its done.

Really liking the model with his tongue hanging out, nice when they sculpt in those extra little details. 

Tomorrow night at the club something a little different, after reading some of my old battle reports I've set up another 'War of the Beard' grudge match with my High Elves vs. Adams Dwarfs.  Match up is going to use the following rules:
  • War of Beard rules from White Dwarf inc. army comp rules, magic items and special characters.
  • 8th Edition magic lores.
  • 8th Edition play rules.
  • Army book magic items only, none from the 8th Ed rulebook.
  • 3000pts
Putting a list together is going to be interesting and game promises to be a lot of fun.

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