November 6, 2012

Battle Report - High Elves vs. Dwarfs @ 2400pts

A tale of the War between Elf & Dwarf in the Old World
(Another part of my ongoing series vs. clubmate Adam and his Dwarfs)

The war between Elf and Dwarf had dragged on for 150 years now with countless dead on both sides, settlements burned, heroes made and lost and grudges sworn as the conflict spread from small parts of the Old World to encompass vast regions of that continent.  On the shore the Black Gulf the troops garrisoning the Elven fortress of Elandarana had spent countless campaign seasons fighting against the resolute and stubborn Dwarves.  Foes that had at first been looked down upon with disdain were now regarded with respect, and in some quarters fear, following a series of massive early  defeats.  While victories had also been won by the garrison the ferocity of the Dwarves, and in particular Clan Hoofcrusher and their leader Lord Gratnuk Ironfist, kin of King Ungrim Ironfist of Karak Kadrin, had cost the Elves dear.  The garrison was also forever stained by dishonour.  In the 70th year of the conflict the garrison commander, distant relation to the royal family, had been murdered by his 2nd in command (read related battle reports here & here) and his royal Dragon killed along with him. 80 years later the magically preserved head of the Princes Dragon and that of the treasonous Lord who killed its master still hung (literally) above the gates of the Fortress (read related report here). It was only the intensity with which the army of Elandarana fought that allowed it to attract new recruits from the other Elven settlements, recruits who were willing to overlook their dishonor in the hope of gaining glory on the battlefield.

But two new leaders had begun to slowly restore the honor of the garrison, who had no choice now but to win glory and defeat the Dwarfs or never be allowed to return to Ulthuan - Prince Amithrar Unrandir and the garrison commander Archmage Findecano Amandil.  Amithrar had arrived scarely a decade ago but had already proven himself deadly in battle.  Findecano had arrived immediately after the mutiny of 70 years ago and been badly wounded in his first battle before recovering to lead the army to several victories (see report).  Now the two Elves were drawing up plans to exact revenge on the Dwarfs of Clan Hoofcrusher and in particular its Standard Bearer Hamnir Gortreksson whose bravery had been linked directly to Findecanos first defeat and the permanent disfigurement he now bore.  The first step of on the path to revenge was to take place with a Dawn attack on Dwarven forces encamped around an abandoned keep on the plains of Duringshold.....

The Elven army led by Prince Amithrar draws up for battle - the Prince joining the Dragon Princes on the left flank.
Thane Hignar Ironjaw covered his eyes with his hand squinting against the light of the rising sun.  He and his Throng had marched from the hold of Clan Hoofcrusher to attack Elven settlements south of the plains of Duringshold.  Encamped around a small keep Ironjaw was woken by the sound Horns as a breathless Ranger brought news of an approaching Elven army from Elandarana.  Issuing a series of orders the Dwarven throng swiftly deployed to meet the advancing threat... but Ironjaw had made a mistake... his scouts were only able to see the center of the Elven force and the Throng was now badly deployed, its flanks horribly exposed.  Too late Ironjaw saw that a mass of Elven cavalry was approaching from his right, while fast moving Chariots were to his left...

The Dwarves meanwhile have drawn up in a concave formation focused on the centre of the battlefield, only its Warmachines, a few Slayers and a regiment of Quarrellers guard its flanks.  Flanks toward which the majority of the Elven army is now approaching.
The Deployment of the respective armies.

High Elf Order of Battle
w. Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Halberd, Helm of Fortune, Sacred Incense, Crown of Command
w. Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor, Dawnstone
w. Silver Wand, High Magic - Level 2
28 x Spearmen
w. Full command, Standard of Discipline
14 x Archers
w. Musician
14 x Archers
w. Musician
27 x White Lions
w. Full command, Skeinsliver
9 x Dragon Princes
w. Full command, Ironcurse Icon, Razor Standard
5 x Ellyrian Reavers
w. Musician, Spears
Tiranoc Chariot
Tiranoc Chariot
Great Eagle
Great Eagle
Hignar Ironjaw and the Throng of Clan Hoofcrusher ready themselves... in the wrong place

Tiranoc Chariots lead the way aiming to divert Dwarven missile fire away from the advancing infantry

The left flank of the Elven army advances angling toward the Dwarven right.
Prince Amithrar yelled in delight as he and his Dragon Princes looked down on the deploying Dwarven throng in front of them.  With his strongest units only now emerging from the out of the dawn light it was clear to him that the Dwarven general had made a bad mistake - exposing his right flank.  Giving the order to move Amithrar and the entire Elven battleline began to move, the left pivoting and the centre and heading for a small gap between the Keep and a Forest to his left.  A gap filled by only a single regiment of Dwarven Crossbowmen, a unit Amithrar planned to ride right over before turning to roll up the flank of the Dwarven army.

The first moves of the High Elf forces
The advancing Elves didnt get it all their own way though.  As the Dwarves realised their mistake Ironjaw directed his Warmachines to direct their fire at the Elven units advancing on his centre while he moved his forces to counter the threat of the Dragon Princes.  Slayers too rushed forward charging and moving to block Elven fast cavalry, Eagles and Chariots that were obviously intent on destroying his artillery.

The Dwarven armies first moves

The opening phases of the battle seemed to go the Dwarfs way as Elven militia units were cut down in their hundreds by their artillery.  But then the first of the Elven charges began to hit home. First a Great Eagle hit home against one of the Throngs Grudge Throwers, then Ellyrian Reavers killed one of the armies Slayers before charging a Bolt-Thrower and finally the 2nd Bolt-Thrower was destroyed by Elven missile fire. 

Eagles & Tiranoc Chariots take out the flanking Slayers and Warmachines
The charging Dragon Princes hit home against the Quarrellers, the Warriors to their right failing to advance far enough to prevent them from hitting home.
But this was nothing to the sound made by Prince Amathrir and his Dragon Princes as their devastating charge ripped through the Quarrellers guarding the Dwarves right flank.  The Dwarves stood no chance as the Prince and the Caledorians chopped them too pieces before overrunning into the regiment of Warriors positioned behind them.  Other Dwarven units who had attempted to march into blocking positions now found themselves out of position and the entire Dwarven battle line was now in a state of confusion with units forced to face their front, rear and flanks simultaneously.

And so die all Slayers!!!!

The Quarrellers are dead - on to the Warriors
Take that AH HA HA HA!!!
Things were not going all the Elves way though.  The army was recieving no magical support as Dwarven Runesmiths stilled the winds of magic and now a flight of Gyrocopters was buzzing through its rear areas vaporising Archers, weakening the Elves only missile weapons.
Damn it I forgot this thing was floating around.

The Dwarfs face a choice - turn to face the Dragon Princes and get charged by the Spears and White Lions or turn to face the Spears and White Lions and get charged by the Dragon Princes?!?

The Wood adds poison to the arrows of these archers, but prevents them from moving to defend themselves as the Gyrocopters come swooping in.
As the Dwarven army reorients itself the Elven Battle Standard Bearer Camring of House Thalandwire shows his bravery and tactical cunning by charging the flank of Dwarven regiment single handed.  Before doing so he issues orders for the Spear militia to advance and block the Dwarven units to its front protecting him from attack from his rear.  Camring's bravery is well rewarded as he cuts down Dwarf arfter Dwarf while taking no wounds in return.

CHARGE!!!! See its not just Dwarven BSB's that can go it alone.
But things are getting ugly now - all of the Dwarven artillery is either destroyed or locked in combat with Tiranoc Chariots, Eagles or Ellyrian Reavers.  The Dragon Princes have routed a regiment of Dwarven Warriors and now reform facing the remainder of the Dwarven army.  That army has also redeployed - choosing not to attack the small unit of Elven Spears Ironjaw reforms to face the more dangerous Dragon Princes, knowing full well that a 2nd dangerous unit - the White Lions are still to be committed to battle.
Elven and Dwarven forces redeploy
Meanwhile Camring is still fighting the Dwarven Warriors single handed waiting valiantly for the White Lions to hit them in the rear - but their charge falls short blocked by the bulk of the nearby Keep.  So it is up to the remaining Spears to support him.
Go you good thing 1 vs. 20 is no 1 vs. 12 and here come the Spears.
But forgotten by the Elves is another regiment of Quarrellers who advance out of the Keep toward the White Lions, and then the Dragon Princes pay the price of their desire for glory.   Leaving the routed Dwarven Warrior unit to their flank, and ignoring the rear of the 2nd unit to their front they attempt to charge the longer distance to the unit surrounding the Dwarven BSB.  They fail and are now horribly exposed...

Look I can charge their rear they are right there - but NO I try and go the other way!!!

Alright then if you insist Ill charge you - one round later you'll all be dead.
The Dragon Princes decision is a terrible one for the army.  Camring and the Spears defeat the Dwarfs they are fighting.  Those Dwarves flee but manage to outrun the Elven BSB, while the Spears reform to face the sole remaining intact Dwarven regiment and its BSB.  A series of counter-charges by rallying Dwarven units see the Elven BSB and the Dragon Princes choose to flee from battle rather than be hit in their exposed flanks.
Umm run away?  This is why you should pursue units you break, otherwise they come back to bite you on the arse.
But fleeing can only go on so long, the Dragon Princes rally, then a short while later turn and charge the pursuing Dwarves.  The White Lions meanwhile are moving up on their rear.  The Dwarven army is being systematically cut to pieces while the majority of the Elves strongest units remain intact.

The only Dwarven unit gaining any real success is its Gyrocopter which has blasted away the Elven Archers and finally shoots down the Elven armies single Mage.
Things are also not looking good on the Dwarfs left flank where the sole remaining Eagle and Tiranoc Chariot are making mincemeat of the few Dwarfs still alive on that flank.
VWith the majority of his army destroyed Ironjaw has no choice but to flee the battlefield, hoping to preserve what remains of his troops for another day.

VICTORY IS MINE - the Dwarven filth has learned the true power of the forces of Ulthuan and Findecano is on his way to exacting full revenge for his wounds.

Current Standings in the War of the Beard
High Elves - 4
Dwarfs - 3
Draw - 2

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