November 12, 2012

Battle Report - HIgh Elves vs. Vampires 2400pts

Probably my last game at the club for the year up against Reagans Vampire Count army - not quite the practice I need before heading off to Wellington for Vermintide on Saturday morning but enjoyable none the less.

The armies deploy and face off
We rolled for Blood and Glory and decided to use the mysterious terrain rules as well, these gave us 3 Fungus forests and 2 scree slopes.  My list for the battle was:

Archmage L4
w. Book of Hoeth, Lore of Fire
Mage L2
w. Scroll
w. AoC, GW, Dawnstone
39 x Spears
w. FC, Banner of Eternal Flame
14 x Archers
w. Musician
14 x Archers
w. Musician
14 x Swordmasters
w. Musician
14 x Swordmasters
w. Musician
28 x White Lions
w FC, Standard of Discipline

These guys were pitted against 2 blocks of Ghouls, 1 of Grave Guard and a big tank of Black Knights proxied by Dire Wolves.  Reagan also had 3 Vampires in his list, one with each of the Ghoul units and 1 with the Black Knights.  The VC General was with Ghoul Unit #1 (G1 on the Map) and had a nasty extra attacks, plus wounds give me more attacks combo.  Oh and he had 3 of those big flying Ghoul things as well. Deployment wise I was able to put my Swordmasters down last which meant I had one unit opposite the Black Knights and one facing the VC BSB and Grave Guard.  Archers stayed left to shoot the Flying Ghouls.

Vampires - Turn 1
Lots of attempted magic but thats about it from Reagan as his troops rush forward.  Either he failed to cast anything or I managed to dispel it so I was free to shift the game my way tactically.  Things didnt go well in the first magic phase though when I rolled doubles with the Book of Hoeth but it was double 6's (3 of them in fact).  End result my L4 is reduced to a L2 - but one bonus by advancing his Black Knights to far I am able to charge them with the Eagle and get the Swordmasters better positioned to face off against them.
Book of Hoeth HOOOOO!!!! - First casting attempt, I roll this and my L4 becomes a L2
Advancing to contact !!!
By some kind of small miracle the Eagle the charged the Black Knights not only manages to kill one of them but then manages not to die.  Everyone else heads toward the nearest opponent except the Archers who turn and with the help of Curse of Arrow Attraction attempt to shoot down the flying Ghouls - 28 shots later they take 1 wound.
High Elves - Turn 1

Budgie deals death to the Black Knights
Oh bugger not so good here as VC magic forces one unit of Swordmasters to flee completing exposing one flank.  The flying Ghouls charge the Archers who cause one wound via standing and shooting, the Eagle finally dies and the Spears are charged by the VC General and his Ghoul unit.

Vampires - Turn 2
This should work well for me except that the damn VC general kills 10 guys all by himself and the even with 25+ attacks I wound.... 3 yes 3 Ghouls.  Their resulting attacks take out another 6-8 Spears and the unit bolts and runs killing my BSB in the process.
Vampire General vs. High Elf BSB
The archers though do a lot better killing two of the flying Ghoul things and losing only 5-6 of their number, the then somehow, stick around for another go.
The Archers show that they're better in close combat than with their bows

Swordmasters - who needs Swordmasters!!!

Just a pity the Spears can't fight as hard as their Archer comrades
My Turn 2 and I manage to rally the seriously depleted Spears (only 22/39 left) and drop the remaining Eagle in between them and the Ghouls to hopefully delay the inevitable.  The Archers then kill the remaining flying Ghould and reform to face the VC BSB and the 2nd (walking) Ghoul unit.  The White Lions charge straight at the Grave Guard and the Swordmasters do the same with the Black Knights.
High Elves - Turn 2

The resulting combats are just awesome - the mounted Vampire fails to kill any of the Swordmasters (despite having ASF) and the Swordmasters then wipe out all 11 remaining Black Knights in one go.  The Vampire crumbles due to a massive CR loss.  The White Lions dish out some serious punishment on the Grave Guard with 15 attacks getting 14 hits and 9 wounds.  The Grave Guard kill 4-5 White Lions and then lose a few more of their own when they lose combat.

The remaining Eagle tries its best to keep the VC General from the few remaining Spears

Well that didnt work - the damn Eagle gets turned into kibble by the VC General and he and his unit overrun into the Spears.  The other Ghoul unit turns and marches toward the Archers hoping to leave the White Lions behind - White Lions that in the next combat phase kill off all of the remaining Grave Guard (but lose 4-5 of their own in response) and reform to face the rear of the VC BSB's unit.  Two units of VC lef vs. 6 of mine - but I've lost 2 Fortitude points already to Reagans 1 so he is ahead. 

Vampires - Turn 3
The battle is 1/2 done and there arent many bodies left
Magic magic magic how I hate thee sometimes - Book of Hoeth is great but not when the highest number you roll on the winds of magic from Turns 2 - 6 is a 4!!!!!!!  I mean seriously!!!??/  Anyway White Lions fail to hit the rear of the VC BSBs unit while the Archers fall back.  The Spears are wiped out and run off the board while the larger SM unit marches around to the rear of the VC Generals unit.
High Elves - Turn 3

The VC BSB charges one unit of archers and my L2 both of which get wiped out.  The other unit turns to face the oncoming Swordmasters. 
Vampires - Turn 4
Here we go - 4 Swordmasters.... just 4... charge the flank of the VC BSB's unit.  The other Swordmasters charge the VC Generals unit forgotting how deadly he is.
High Elves - Turn 4

Maybe we can kill that damn VC General - oops guess not.
Long story short the Swordmaster die - horribly and quickly in both combats but at least the smaller unit manages to get some kills in.  The board is looking seriously empty at this point and I have given up on magic.
Vampires - Turn 5
White Lions charge the VC BSB and the Archmage runs away.  I have to kill the VC BSB to break the army, while Reagan has to kill either my General or destroy the White Lion unit.  

High Elves - Turn 5
Archers join the White Lions and hit the flank of the Ghouls while the Swordmasters chew through them wiping them out completely.  the other Ghoul unit and VC General fail to charge home and Turn 6 ends with the Swordmasters killing off the VC BSB by winning combat.

Vampires - Turn 6
High Elves - Turn 6
Game over and a damn brutal one at that - I have 14 White Lions and 7 Archers left on the baord facing 20 odd Ghouls and a damn horribly VC General set up. 

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