November 26, 2012

Forgeworld Horus Heresy Space Marines arrive

Got my first lot of Forgeworld Space Marines in the mail yesterday - 5 x Marines in Mk III Iron Armour, 5 x Marines in Mk IV Legion Armour, 10 xe Phobos Pattern Bolters and MkIV Armour command upgrades. 

Added to this is a unit of GW Chaos Space Marines wearing what I assume is Mk VI or Mk VII Armour which I got off my club mate Caleb after he very kindly gave me a box of leftover 40k bits at Vermintide a week or so ago.  So my Horus Heresy Word Bearers force is starting to take shape.

I have to say that the Forgeworld models are absolutely superb (they even put the tread on the soles of their boots) - although I hate assembling Resin damn superglue always gives me issues - the sculpts are fantastic and I am really digging the MkIII pattern armour.  A few more of these will be on the cards once I figure out what else I need to build a decent 500-1500pt list.

Few pictures here of the 5 assembled Mk III armoured Marines - 3 with Phobos bolters and 2 with GW Bolters and Bolt Pistols in holsters (as I got annoyed when the resin Phobos ones wouldnt stick), and a few comparison shots of the GW vs. Forgeworld sculpts etc.


Unfortunately I am completely out of Badab Black basecoat and red paint so I cant start on them just yet.  Expect more next week though.


Jossy said...

Have you started putting together the Mk IV marines yet?

Wondering if your interested in doing a swap for the backpacks.

The Mk IV marines come with two styles of backpack and I am trying to get mine all the same.

John Murrie said...


Ill post a pic of what type they sent me and u can tell me if theyre the ones u want