November 12, 2012

Getting started with 40k

Pete Dunn over at Fields of Blood has stated his intention (along with Charlie St Clair) to build himself a Heresy Era 40k army (see original post here) I've always wanted to build and paint up a Space Marine army as the fluff for 40k is simply fantastic.  With 5 Horus Heresy books under my belt now (1/2 way through Book 6 of the series atm) the idea of making my first foray into 40k revolve around the Horus Heresy is a fantastic idea some I'm all in - although Pete is giving us until the end of January to get things done (so Im going to have to pull finger).

The basic process for the project (which has 6-7 participants so far) is:
  • Choose one of the 18 Legions to build a force for
  • Build a 10 man Legion Tactical Squad - 9 Marines & 1 Tactical Sergeant
  • Post results by end of January
After trawling through fluff in my small number of books and online I've decided to go with a Chaos Legion and in particular the Word Bearers the first Legion to truly turn to Chaos.  The loyal legion the Iron Hands also appealed to me but quite frankly an all black colour scheme is boring as hell and the fluff behind the Word Bearers is really cool. 

This will be entirely for fun though as the I can count the number of 40k players at my club on one hand and still have fingers left over.


Now I just have to figure out how 40k works and where to start aiming for something like the next picture and Im all good...


Wryth said...

John, you can come down and get 40k'd up anytime you want just let me know ;)

John Murrie said...

Cheers mate very much appreciated Ill definately take you up on that