November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

Well sort of - being in New Zealand I find Halloween to be a non-event but it does spark some interest from the kids.  Not much happening gaming wise for me as all 3 of my kids came down with chickenpox one after the other over the last few weeks plus Im buried neck deep in assignment and examination marking this month.

Looking forward though to giving my High Elves a run tonight against Adams Dwarfs - 2400pts of fun.  Was reading some of my old battle reports and got nostalgic about our long-running fued. 

Vermintide is also 2 weeks away and I've heard anecdotally that only 5 people have officially registered, including me, really hope they get more than that as I am looking forward to it and dont feel like making a wasted trip down to Wellington.

Anyway to get everyone in the festive mood here's some Pumpkin headed VC horrors - from Bloody Beast if you want to see amazing painting you have to check this guys website out, his work his OUTSTANDING.

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