November 15, 2012

High Elf Prince on Griffon complete

Finished this guy last night - except for the basing which Ill do tonight - and Im really happy with the way it turned out.  Took me a while to figure what I wanted to do with the darker feathers but opted to keep it simple and simply apply a lightened layer of the base coat (Khemri Brown) followed by Mud Wash (Earthshade) and it turned out better than expected.  Prince on Griffon is points prohibitive particularly under 3000pts but I could always use this guy as a Noble mounted on an Eagle for a bit of a laugh.

Next up is a unit of 20 odd Dwarf Quarrellers and then 8 Dwarf Hammerers just too finish off some important units for my Dwarfs.

As an aside I also placed an order with Forgeworld today for some Horus Heresy Infantry enough to kit out a Tactical Squad of 10 with 5 figures in MkIII Legion Armour and 5 in MkIV.

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