November 4, 2012

Ogres, Tournaments & next Project

Managed to get a few of the local boys to come down to Wellington for Vermintide in two weeks time. All up there will be five of us attending, best turnout at a WHFB event for our local club ever - usually its just me so it should be good day.  Armies attending from my club will be:
  • Me - Ogre Kingdoms
  • Adam - Dwarfs
  • Jeff - Night Goblins
  • Reagan - Vampires (or Empire)
  • Caleb - Lizardmen
Going to be interesting to see what lists they all decide on bringing.  Adam's I can guess at, Jeff will have a Night Goblin horde, Reagan I have no idea and Caleb will bring a lot of Skinks and something tricky.

Also got my Ogre Leadbelchers finished - final touch was the smoke, flames and bits of detris coming out of the open mouthed weapons.  


The looks not perfect but it works for me well enough, although ill darken up the smoke a little more and add some more colour at some stage but its onto some other projects first.

After sorting through the mess that is my pile of unpainted models decided on my next project - the High Elf Prince on Griffon from the IoB set.

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