November 19, 2012

Vermintide WHFB Tournament wrap up

My first tournament with Ogres and my first Vermintide is over and I have to say it was one of the best tournaments I’ve ever been too. Five games in one day did get pretty tiring but every game was enjoyable and the tournament was a great fun; lots of laughs during and between games, good people and great atmosphere. Thanks to Neil Williamson for organising the event – fantastic job Neil much appreciated – definitely coming back next year.
1200pts of Ogre goodness
My final results were 3 wins and 2 losses pretty my best set of results ever giving me 9th place (equalling my best ever tournament finish) and the 5th highest Butchers Bill (for most VP collected during tournament).   Looking over the results you can see that it was an incredibly close tournament just 5 more battle points and I would have been in Top 5. All 5 of my games were fun - even Game 4 were Joel very kindly only let me take 35 VP off him vs. the *ahem* *cough* 1400 or so he grabbed off me (but hey he did win the event).

As for my Ogres they were SO MUCH FUN to play!!! Yes I missed having my High Elf re-rolls, my Dwarfs L9/10 and WS3 was horrible all of the time but honestly watching Mournfang chomp through everything was just great. Impact hits (especially D3 impact hits), movement 6 or 8, multiple attacks and then stomp all backed by Lore of the Great Maw give you a fantastic combat army.

As for how each unit went during the day it was a mixed bag at times with the Mournfang a stand out.

Ogre Bulls
Work well as units of 3 although and there were only a couple of occassions another few bodies would have made a difference.  

Really hurt by their low AS when they are shot at but great in combat.  Unfortunately they only managed that a few times - their main advantage seems to be the ability to take magical standards which with the Standard of Discipline gives them L9.  But at 1200pts 5 of them gives you a solid punch and allows you to hide the BSB in the 2nd rank.

Helped me win my first two games by taking out enemy warmachines, reasonably Ok in close combat but without support it dies quickly.  GNOBLAR POWER is not to be underestimated - he nearly wounded a Demigryph in Game 4!!!

Mournfang Cavalry
As soon as finances allow it I am going onto Bitz Barn and grabbing two more of these guys so I can run two units of 3 as they are simply awesome.  Pistols on Champion didnt offer anything in shooting but did offer an extra attack that really came in handy.  Think these guys were responsible for 60%+ of all my VP from the tournament

Butcher & BSB
The Maw is a solid lore but I needed something else to help e.g. Ruby Ring, thinking a Firebelly would be better as the stock spell for that lore is very effective.  However, that being said being able to put regeneration or +1S/T on units really helped.  BSB's simply kit out worked perfectly and he didnt miss the WS I usually give him.

Club Mate performances
Reagan, Adam and Caleb from my local club also had a good time. Reagans first tournament experience gave him a couple of wins and Caleb picked up the Sportsmanship award which was great for him (and based on personal experience well deserved). Adam unfortunately didn’t have the results go his way (he also had to play against me and another Dwarf army which wasn’t the best draw for him) but he was his usual laugh a minute throughout the day particularly as we plotted to flood Pete’s next tournament with as many Dwarf armies as we could muster (at last count we had 10 available which would mean 40-50% of the field – boring but damn irritating for non-dwarf fans) - Pete as always is doing his best to hide his real feelings about Dwarfs

Getting creative with my Dunn Dice
I also have to give props to Simon Switzer who continues his great run of form with his Dwarfs in Tournament play finishing 6th a great result for a player still very new to the game (wish I had had his success when I first started out), and thanks to Pete Dunn for bringing a collection of Horus Heresy artwork books down for us to look through.

Battle reports up over the next few days 


Jeff Kent said...

Good Work John, I'm gutted I missed it. Also, is there any chance of your Ogres taking on my Gobbos sometime before the end of the year?

John Murrie said...

Cheers mate and sure thing, we have two more club nights left this year - next week and the week after I think